Tips For Decorating A Shared Kids Room With Vintage Flair

Let’s face it, you probably have kids at home, and you’re wondering how you can decorate their room with a vintage look, well don’t panic. In today’s post, I will walk you through ways of decorating a shared kid’s bedroom. Let’s get straight into it.

1. Maximize On Storage

When decorating a shared kid’s bedroom, make sure you set aside space where they can tuck away their toys and treasures. Get a small cabinet with drawers that will make it easy for them to store their items for less than $45.

2. Involve The Kids

Decorating a kid’s room is tricky because they may not like how you set up their space. They may like it for a few days then raise complaints later on. To avoid this, involve them by giving priority to the things they want. Stuffed animals and toys are the perfect places to let kids have their say.

3. Recycle Decor

Recycled baseball is one thing you can use to decorate a shared kid’s room to bring out the vintage look. You can put the baseball in a glass jar or an open basket and use it as a decor. Other items You can also recycle and use include sports t-shirts, wooden toys, and glittering dancing shoes.


4. Mix And Match

One hallmark of vintage style rooms is mixing old quilts with striped bedding and matching pillows with used furniture pieces. This will make the kids room to have a classy old-school look.

5. Go For Art

There are many fun items that kids like that you can use. One is a wooden tennis racket. You can strategically hang it on the wall with a few nails placed carefully. This will give the room a perfect vintage look.

6. Focus On Painting

The color you pick should complement the set-up of the room. It would be best if you also involved the kids in choosing the color they want. Some colors that match with vintage are blue and orange palette. Very bright colors are not advisable because they will over-shadow the vintage look you have worked hard to achieve.



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