Adding Color To The Family Room

I have been trying to lighten up our home by painting the walls and replacing the
dark oriental rug with a sea grass one.  I love the neutral rooms shown on some of my
favorite blogs and design magazines, but I have come to realize I must  have some
color in our home.
Here is one thing I came up with…
The orange pillows look red in the pictures but they are actually close to
the same orange in our Deruta lamps.


Yours truly made these pillows.
 I am not a seamstress and sewing machines are not my friends.
 Yep, it took me a full day to make these four pillows!   Good
thing I am not sewing for a living, huh?
Gotta run…we have another showing on our home early tomorrow.
This means spending the evening cleaning house.
( After Dancing With The Stars of course)
Keep your fingers crossed for a sale.
**Don’t forget the Open House party is on Spring Break**
for a few weeks.

50 thoughts on “Adding Color To The Family Room”

  1. Sherry, the pillows are very pretty. the sewing machine and I are enemies. I recently repaired an extra long muslin bed skirt by hand that had many gathers. It took me hours but no sewing machine was used. Hope your sells:-0

  2. See, I have the opposite problem. I have too much color, and can't seem to go with neutrals, even though I love the images I see on your blog.

    Good luck for your showing!

  3. I love how the pillows look, Sherry. I am not skilled with sewing so it would probably take me a week to do what you did! They look so pretty in that room – the perfect addition of color!

  4. Just caught up on all the Open House Party features, and other posts. The one thing that keeps popping back in my head are Meridian Roads lockers. Love those. I'll have to stop over and say hey on her blog.


  5. I can't believe my eyes and ears. You, No Minimalist going for the look of all light and bland. Oh my, what next??? I sure it will be fun. And I love the way the pillows go with the lamps. Maybe you will put your rugs back come winter? Richard from My Old Historic House.

  6. Sherry,
    Your pillows look amazing…I like the neutral palate you've created with the pop of color…it looks great. Good luck with the sale of your home. I think this is a good time of the year for sellers and lucky buyers alike.

  7. I did the same thing in my living room – put down seagrass. While it's not the greatest thing to lie down on, I love the lightness and the texture. When the grandes come and want to play on the floor, I throw out a quilt. Good job on the pillows. Doesn't matter how long it took…the finished product is great! Linda

  8. I think you did an awesome job on those pillows! I thought you bought them somewhere. They add a nice pop of color to your room. Good luck on your showing.

  9. Sherry,
    I'm with you – I need color! I'm trying to add more orange into my home too – love your patterns!

    I feel for you – I can't sew a stitch – it would probably take me 4 weeks to make those pillows so I'll have to depend on retail!

    I remember those days of showing my house – keeping it clean at all times – ugh, good luck!!

  10. Your pillows and sea grass rug really lighten and brighten your room, and look so good. I know what you mean about the sewing machine not being your friend..I'm have the same "problem"…or should I say "challenge". Good luck with your showing. I'll bet they'll love your house.

  11. I love the pops of color…perfect! I'll miss the Open House Party (cuz you know I love to snoop around in other people's homes) but I am glad you will have a little break. More to look forward to when it's back. Lisa~

  12. Oh, my friend… you're one of those that NEVER disappoint! Always w/ something beautiful to share w/ us. Thank you!!!

    Have a wonderful day!


    Luciane at

    PS: If you a minute, please drop by to enter my Giveaway! 🙂

  13. I am right there with you, Sherry. My sewing machine picked up and left me a few years back after I somehow bent the shaft of hard metal or steel that hold the needle!
    Yes, I am that bad at sewing.

    Your pillows turned out fantastic and I will say a little prayer that your sale does quick and smooth!
    (Notice I said "sale" and not "showing"!?)

    Think positive, right?


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