22 Living Room Curtain Ideas to Transform Your Space with Style and Flair

Curtains are not only the tissues that hinder someone from seeing through your window, but they actually play a very important role in establishing the bore, preference, and atmosphere of the living room.

Suppose your living room is an open field and curtains being the outstanding touch on the final picture painted in your mind.

They bring character, intrigue, comfort despite being mostly used accessories. As opposed to your living room not just being the place you sit, but the place you live.

Maybe you feel that it’s time to spice things up and go for some audacious color and design of curtains or you want something more subtle and classy.

We’ll present to you a vast variety of curtain ideas that may help to improve your house look.

Welcome to the passionate revelation of living room curtain ideas and let us transform your area into a magnificent one!

1. Linen Curtain


2. Blackout Eyelet Curtains


3. Ombre Curtains


4. Matte Velvet Curtains


5. Fun Trim Curtains


6. Tassel Vintage Curtain


7. Floral Embroidered Sheer Curtain


8. Floor To Ceiling Curtains


9. Emerald Green


10. Patchwork Living Room Curtain Ideas


11. Black & White Geometric Chick


12. Curtains & Blinds


13. Irregular Stripe Velvet Curtain


14. Peach Fuzz


15. Earthy Colors Living Room Curtain Ideas


16. Short Curtains


17. Sunshine Curtains


18. Rust Cotton Crinkle Voile Tie Top Curtain


19. Botanical Print


20. Classic White


21. Pop Color Curtains


22. Ivory Velvet Living Room Curtain Ideas


Embrace Bold Patterns

Why choose shabby when you can choose bold? Curtains bring life and energy in a room and having patterned curtains in your living room is always a plus.

Prints with geometric prints, flowers, stripes or even animal prints. Besides, these eye-catching designs can be considered a great addition and can become the focal point of your interior while introducing playful elements into your home.

A good example is to couple them with solid color furniture so as not to over power the room.

Key Tips:

  • It is recommended to select patterns that can blend well with the other items in the room.
  • Choose colors that either blend in well with the living room interior or that will complement the existing ones.
  • Make sure that the patterns do not interfere with other floor factors such as rugs or wallpapers.

Go Luxurious with Velvet

For the luxurious look, few things do it better than velvet curtains. It also covers for providing rich, heavy fabrics, which not only have insulation but come with the aura of luxury and sophistry.

Deep shades of velvet in emerald, navy or burgundy when used on curtains will make your living room feel like a king’s palace.

Key Tips:

  • The velvet fabric is most suitable for classically conventional or even eclectic rooms.
  • Accessorize with metallic for more glamor.
  • The remaining parts of the interior should be relatively simple so that curtains are the focus of attention.

Light and Airy Sheers Living Room Curtain Ideas

If you want your curtains to be informal, casual looking then sheer curtains would be most appropriate for you.

The fabric should be sheer and thin, so that natural light comes in but there is a sort of curtain-like feeling.

The loose textural transparencies also provide the right setting whenever you want to establish an imaginary living room.

Key Tips:

  • Suitable for use in small or dingy rooms since they add light to the area.
  • Layer the window with thicker materials in order to provide you with more options on how to dress it up or dress it down.
  • It should be in a light color, but not white, more like cream or any light pastel color.

Two-Tone Curtains

Not sure which color to choose? Why not have both? Two-tone curtains can lend some profundity to the living room and make it more interesting.

This design normally includes a combination of two related shades of two different colors in order to give the best and classy outlook of the modern trends.

It can assist you to connect some color components in the room since they will hold the association between them.

Key Tips:

  • Make sure the two tones blend with each other and the rest of the furniture/ equipment in the room.
  • Introduce accent colors by using two tone curtains.
  • It is also compatible with contemporary and modern architectural designs.

Classic White Curtains

You can’t go wrong with white curtains that have always been part of traditional and modern interior design.

They nearly can be considered as classics, universal and could be used in any interior design starting from high-tech and finishing with the country.

White curtains produce a neat and pure atmosphere, and your living room will look bigger and more spacious with these curtains.

Key Tips:

  • Select the fabric that will meet your expectation as to the level of privacy and amount of light entering your room.
  • You can layer fabrics of different kinds or colors to add on to the thickness and give the fabric more character.
  • Maintain regularly to keep them looking crisp and bright.

Blackout Living Room Curtain Ideas

Worthy of note are those who love their television or simply admire a dark ambiance, the blackout curtain is definitely the best.

These curtains are completely blackout which is ideal when used in the living room that doubles up as a theater room.

They also have good insulators, this means, during winter, your room will have a good amount of heat and in summer, your room will be cool.

Key Tips:

  • Recommended for rooms with big windows or the ones with a direct view of the street.
  • They come in different shades and it is highly advisable to get colors that will match with your interior décor.
  • Use together with sheers for a functional plan.

Bohemian Vibes

In case you want your curtains to give off a casual and unconventional vibe, the bohemian designs are the best.

Bohemian curtains give an adventurous and individualistic spirit to the living room which you need if you are fond of mixing styles and colors.

Key Tips:

  • Do not restrain yourself to stick to the specific patterns and textures.
  • Accompany with other items of free-spirited style such as rugs for the floor or cushions and plants.
  • For that more relaxed boho look, choose tie backs with tassels on them.

Modern Minimalism

In case you prefer designs that don’t have excessive frills, designs that are more simple, then modern minimalist curtains will be suitable for you.

Uniformed, plain and direct colors, and basic patterns and outlines are the best to use. These curtains produce a smart and simple appearance that fits modern and contemporary living spaces.

Key Tips:

  • Gentle colors are good. Avoid bright and loud tones, settle for gray, black, or beige.
  • It is recommended to stay away from the heavier designs and avoid any intricate ones.
  • It is best to combine Liberty furniture with modern furniture and interior decoration accents.

Nature-Inspired Prints

Nature is one of the best inspirations to choose curtain printing, and these prints can be installed inside your house.

Fruits, flowers, and plant motifs are more about the fresh and relaxing atmosphere of the living room.

These prints can cause your room to feel more in tune with nature and create a calm atmosphere.

Key Tips:

  • Ideal if the television is going to be placed in a living room with a lot of natural light.
  • You should consider the prints to the color scheme that has been created.
  • Coordinate it with some natural accents like, for instance, the wooden furniture and the rattan accessories.

Custom Living Room Curtain Ideas

Custom curtains as a way of getting a distinctive look can be a good idea as well. Having individually purchased and sewn curtains, you can choose a design that would embody your personality and complement the design of the living room ideally.

From a particular type of fabric that you want to have or a specific length up to a specific pattern that you want on your curtain, with custom curtains, you’ll be able to achieve all of that.

Key Tips:

  • It is advisable to involve a professional when carrying out this process in order to get the best results.
  • Use high quality materials.
  • You can add features such as embroidering or trims on the item.


Okay, curtains are not only the accessories necessary for windows, but they are a part of the furnishing of a living room.

Whether you want to have an elegant patterned fabric, velvet, sheer or curtains designed to order, there is a style of curtain for every personality and every home.

So please scroll down these ideas and make your living room, which resembles you and your personality. Happy decorating!

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