Pros And Cons Of An Outdoor Shower By The Pool

Imagine the sensation of gliding through the cool, crystal-clear waters of your pool on a scorching summer’s day. The sun beats down, but you’re enveloped in refreshing bliss. You emerge, not just refreshed, but completely invigorated.

However, now you’re faced with the challenge of keeping the pool water from trailing behind you into the house, leaving wet footprints all over. This common scenario underscores why an outdoor shower by the pool is quickly becoming a sought-after addition for the homes of avid swimmers and those in pursuit of the ultimate relaxation experience.

But before you grab your toolbox and start planning, it’s crucial to carefully consider the benefits and potential drawbacks of installing this outdoor amenity.

Will the convenience and added luxury truly enhance your swimming experience, or could the investment be better allocated elsewhere?

It’s important to assess whether the refreshment and practicality of an outdoor shower truly justify the investment, ensuring it aligns with your lifestyle and home improvement goals.

Outdoor Shower By The Pool

The Pros of Having an Outdoor Shower by the Pool

Convenience and Hygiene

One of the most apparent and crucial benefits of installing an outdoor shower is the sheer convenience it offers for a quick rinse before and after enjoying a swim.

This simple act significantly helps in keeping the pool water pristine, minimising the introduction of common contaminants such as sweat, oils, and dirt that swimmers inevitably bring with them. Beyond just maintaining the aesthetic clarity of the water, this practice plays a pivotal role in preserving the pool’s chemical balance.

It effectively reduces the need for frequent deep cleanings, saving time and resources in long-term pool maintenance. Furthermore, utilising an outdoor shower as a hygiene measure can drastically lower the risk of spreading common pool-borne illnesses, ensuring a safer swimming environment for everyone.

This proactive approach not only enhances the swimming experience by keeping the water inviting and clean but also underscores the importance of hygiene practices in communal swimming areas.

Environmental Benefits

Believe it or not, equipping your pool area with an outdoor shower can be an environmental win. By effectively transferring the post-swim shower outdoors, you decrease the use of indoor water and energy resources.

In regions where water conservation is critical, like the American Southwest or Australia, this simple act translates into a notable reduction in a household’s water footprint.

Health and Safety

For those concerned about the health implications of chlorine exposure, an outdoor shower is a prudent solution. Chlorine can irritate and dry out skin, and for some with sensitive or pre-existing skin conditions, its effects can be even more pronounced.

A quick rinse can significantly reduce the skin’s exposure to chemicals, potentially sparing swimmers from a range of discomforts. Safety-wise, an outdoor shower lessens the risk of slips and falls in a wet indoor bathroom, a prevalent hazard for homes with pools.

Aesthetic Appeal

Functionality aside, an outdoor shower adds a touch of elegance to your pool area, transforming it into a personal oasis. The sound of water cascading over you in your outdoor shower amplifies the sense of serenity and relaxation that the poolside environment offers.

It also acts as a beautiful focal point in your overall outdoor design, whether you’re aiming for a Mediterranean villa aesthetic or a modern, minimalist pool deck.

The Cons of Having an Outdoor Shower by the Pool

Cost Considerations

It’s no secret that adding an outdoor shower to your pool ensemble comes with a price tag. You’ll need to consider the cost of the unit or construction, plus any necessary plumbing, electrical work, and finishing details.

Factoring in ongoing maintenance and any potential repairs also adds to the financial commitment.

Weather Dependency

Your dreams of enjoying an outdoor shower year-round can be dashed by the temperamental swings of Mother Nature. If you live in an area with harsh winters or intense monsoon seasons, the usability of your outdoor shower will be restricted to the mild, fair-weather days.

Investing in season-specific or weather-resistant models may further mitigate this constraint, but not entirely.

Privacy Concerns

Designing and using an outdoor shower by the pool must address the issue of privacy. Many homeowners prefer not to air their swimsuit-clad figures to the entire neighbourhood.

The strategic placement of the shower and the use of natural barriers, privacy screens, or curtains will enhance your comfort and enjoyment but also requires thoughtful planning and additional design elements.

Design and Installation Tips

Choosing the Right Location

A central consideration is where the shower will be most utilised and least intrusive to the flow of your pool area. Be sure to think about exposure to wind patterns, and if possible, position the shower where it will receive the most sun to warm the water naturally.

Selecting the Right Materials

Durability is paramount when selecting materials for your outdoor shower. Materials must be waterproof, resistant to UV damage, and able to withstand the elements without corroding or degrading.

Consider the aesthetics as well; the materials should complement your pool and the surrounding environment.

Ensuring Proper Functionality

A clogged, slow draining shower can be an eyesore and a health risk. Ensuring optimal functionality requires thoughtful planning of drainage and a water supply.

Professional installation can make a world of difference, providing proper sloping and the right drainage system to avoid standing water issues.


Deciding if an outdoor shower by the pool fits your lifestyle requires a thoughtful assessment of your personal needs, available budget, and the specifics of your local climate. Installing an outdoor shower is not just about enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your pool area; it’s an investment that adds to your comfort, convenience, and overall health.

However, like any significant home improvement project, it comes with its unique set of challenges. These can range from plumbing and privacy concerns to ensuring the materials used can withstand your local weather conditions.

By carefully navigating the various pros and cons, considering factors such as cost, usability throughout the seasons, and maintenance requirements, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

If you are getting your pool installed as well, you can always consult your local pool installer in sydney to get their advice on whether an outdoor shower will complement your pool and how you can go about putting one in.

Ultimately, you’ll determine whether this luxurious addition will be a sensational splash hit for your summer retreat or merely a fleeting outdoor fascination. This decision will significantly impact the enjoyment and functionality of your outdoor living space.