Cozy Up Your Front Porch With Farmhouse Style

A porch is an informal extension to your parlor, which provides shelter during summertime. In case you have a farmhouse porch, but you don’t know how to style it, don’t panic. In this post, I will walk you through farmhouse front porch decor ideas. Let’s cut to the chase.

1. Get A Flower Welcoming Sign

Flower welcoming sign gives you the chance to have an attractive porch. It also allows you to pick your favorite flower to go with your classy wooden sign. Some of the flowers you can use to add to your welcoming sign are camellia, flora, olive, poppy, among others.

2. Get Some Cozy Lights

A porch should be well lit to allow you to sit outside during the night without fear. When your patio is well lit, it will keep burglars away. Some farmhouse porch lights include flush mount sconce, semi flush mount, wall lantern, barn light, bulkhead light, and spotlight.

3. Get A Rocking Chair

A wooden rocking chair is an integral part of your porch because its to and fro motion comforts and enhances relaxation. Rocking chairs should be placed two to three feet apart with spaces behind and in front of them to allow them to move forward and backward without hitting anything. A porch of around 12 feet square can hold three to four rocking chairs.

4. Use A Quilt

Blankets and quilts add a homey touch to your porch. They are preferred because they are easy to transport in and out of the house. When the day is breezy or during the brisk night, you should bring out your quilts and blankets and snuggle under.

5. Get A Rustic Swing Bench

Apart from rocking chairs, you can go for a rustic wooden swing bench because they inject class to your front porch. The best bench to go for are those made of oak or ash to show contrast to your brick house. The swing can be made of either teak, maple, or cherry according to your taste.

6. Get In Some Pretty Pillows

The other way of making a porch feel more like a real room is to add some pillow.The best pillow to use are the one with quick-drying polyester fillings and fade fabrics. You can use the pillow in either a rocking chair or a swing bench to make your farmhouse porch more attractive.


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