New Rug, It Was Meant To Be.

Did you notice my new rug in the recent post Curtains Hung And Unwanted Guest?

I had been searching for a living room rug for months and had finally decided to order the
wool and jute 9×12 rug from Pottery Barn, though the price was killing me.  Luck was with
me the evening I was browsing Craigslist and decided to look at rugs.  Just posted minutes
before was this exact rug for $150.  That’s a savings of $550 from Pottery Barn’s price!!
The jute rug was only six months old and in excellent condition. Yipee!

see more on choosing the right rug.

I also bought a new rug from HomeGoods for the front door.

Do you shop Craigslist?   If yes, what has been your favorite find?



21 thoughts on “New Rug, It Was Meant To Be.”

  1. that rug you found looks great. just right for that space~! congrats

    love shopping Craigslist.
    I got my 4 poster cherry queen bed for $75.00 and the man delivered it to me for 5.00 gas money.. deal of the century lol..I also got a rattan and wood dresser with antique glass knobs for my daugters beachy bedroom- 35.00. can beat the prices plus I'm thrilled to get the items and the seller is thrilled to recoup some of their money. win/win for both of us.

  2. Lucky duck! What a BARGAIN – and that rug looks awesome.

    Best thing I ever got from CL was a gorgeous antique tea cart. I sold it a few years later for a trillion times more, too – it's really all about fixing things up and styling and providing good photos, eh?

  3. Very nice rug!!! What a find…I'm not that lucky with Craigslist. Actually I have never heard of a wool and jute rug. It seems like the wool would make the jute softer and more durable. Your room is gorgeous!

  4. That was a lucky find! What a great savings. I have found good deals on rugs on too. I've never bought anything off Craigs List before but have tried selling on there.

  5. What a bargain, I bought a set of dishes once off craigs list and that's all I have ever seen around here it's mostly junk you don't want LOL
    I know larger cities people are always talking about bargains off craigs and i'm jealous LOL really

  6. What a super find Sherry and what trmendous luck! I have never shopped Craig's List…I always seem to not think of it. I will definitely keep it in mind for further purchases.
    Have a great week!
    XO Barbara

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