Curtains Are Up And Unwanted Guest

Last weekend our son and his family came over for a cook-out and then the grand kids went swimming.  We did have an uninvited guest though!  My grandson picked up the pool float leaning against the wall and underneath was a Copperhead snake. (gasp)  We don’t know how he got into the screened pool area but I have Steve checking every inch for gaps he could have slithered through. 
I am petrified of snakes, more so than just about anything else!   I would rather have had a dozen alligators in the pool than this one snake.
On to more pleasant things…
This weekend I finally got the IKEA curtains hemmed and hung.  I had thought of embellishing them with trim or ribbon like our bedroom curtains but decided to leave them as is for now. Before you say “Sherry, whats up with the gap between the curtains and the blinds?”  let me explain.  We are waiting for estimates from three contractors on the cost of  replacing the windows with french doors.  They all dropped by, measured and then disappeared!  We are back to square one looking for a contractor.   My plans are to install bamboo blinds at the height of the rod once we know the size of french doors.  For now you’ll just have to use your imagination.
Can you visualize the bamboo blinds?
It seems like for every project we do there are twenty more waiting to be done.  The wish list
for this room is french doors to pool,  remove wall between dining room and living room,
add hardwood floors, change funky ceiling fan and foyer light.
If only we can get a contractor to show up!
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20 thoughts on “Curtains Are Up And Unwanted Guest”

  1. I'm with you on French doors, I had them put in when we remodeled and never regretted it! Curtains look good, sorry you're having such trouble with the contractors! BTW, my daughter was bit by a snake while at Church Camp this summer. They didn't even call me. The nurse gave her a band aid and sent her on her way. They told her that "there aren't any poisonous snakes here in IL." Well, they were wrong! Lucky for us she seemed to be ok but I was still freaked out about it.
    xo Kathleen

  2. Wish I knew someone I could recommend in your area. I think the bamboo blinds will look good there. I'm extremely afraid of snakes too! The two of us would be quite a sight if a snake came by us at the same time. I once almost touched a copperhead snake in our pine straw bed near the house. I screamed and ran back toward the house and had my husband remove it. My heart was beating so fast. I've even had nightmares about snakes before. I don't understand how people have them for pets! I don't care if they're not poisonous either. They're all bad to me.

  3. What is it with contractors who spend all that time coming to your house, measuring, and then never give their estimate? This happened so often pre-recession. Then contractors were desperate and they started calling me and knocking on the door. I guess if it is happening again, it is a sign that they are not desperate for work.

  4. Oh- I am with you on the snake thing, Sherry…..those and bats both just do me in!

    Your room really looks beautiful-you have done a wonderful job making it homey. I think French Doors out to the pool would be perfect someday.

    Hope you had a good day. xo Diana

  5. French doors would look fabulous!…We battled snakes when we lived in South Florida on a lake too…found them in the pool all the time, but we did not have a screened pool at this house…however, they do seem to find their way in through the smallest of places…Copperheads are so bad…hopefully it was a "loner"…we have them on the golf course and some of them have found their way into peoples garages…Love the curtains and must say I always love seeing those magnificent lamps!…Some Lowes have lists of approved contractors in the area for specific projects…

  6. I think the idea of adding French doors where the windows are is a great idea! Your pool area is lovely! Your room looks fabulous; you have been so busy! Yikes, on the Copperhead snake! We have had them too and they're really scary!

  7. I would've passed out at the site of the snake! They manage to find their way into our "private" outdoor spaces, don't they? Glad your grandson didn't get bitten! Your room looks fabulous … love the pops of blue!

  8. I saw your post on decorating trends that may come and go and I think that bamboo blinds are one of those things that are so classic and beautiful that they will be a "keeper". I think that your idea of French doors that is genius! Curtains look so dreamy!

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