Dressing up Ikea Curtains

Thank you so much for all the kind comments on our bedroom tour.
We are loving our new home with all the windows and light, but finding curtains for these
wide and high windows has been quite a challenge.  The options for ready made 118″ long
drapes are limited and the cost of custom is outrageous.
Ikea to the rescue!

I bought two pairs of Ritva curtains and added bias tape to dress them up a bit.




This was an easy project using Stitch Witchery,  just a little time consuming.  If you can sew this project could probably be done a lot quicker.
Using iron on tape add two rows of  bias tape approximately 2 1/2″  apart across each panel.  Make sure the OPEN side of the double fold bias tape is facing the center.  This way you can tuck the smaller pieces of binding tape in the opening to create the design.
I am happy with the results and have already bought two pairs of the same Ikea curtains for the family room.
Not sure if these will be left plain or dressed up with a stencil or some type of trim.
Now there are only six more tall windows to dress!
 Any suggestions?
If you missed the tour of our new bedroom you can see it here.  Thanks for visiting and
I hope you have a wonderful week!

20 thoughts on “Dressing up Ikea Curtains”

  1. That was a great idea! I think you're better off with neutral curtains anyway, just in case your colorscheme changes. Ikea is so affordable too.

  2. sherry, i love what you've done so far and that room is so restful and pretty. i have a pair of Ikea curtains that I added a 20" border to in one of my guest rooms.

    i also wanted to thank you for your kind words about my "life lately" post and my mama…since you are your dad's caregiver i know you can relate completely.

    looking forward to see you work your magic on your new home.

  3. Wow Sherry, those curtains are so pretty! I love that you added the trim to them. I can only imagine how time consuming it must have been,but they turned out wonderfully!

  4. Another option is drop cloths. I was able to buy a pack of two drop cloths (9' x 12') at Home Depot for $10.97! That was the most affordable option for me!

  5. Heather C wants to know where these the white curtain> My bedroom is painted the same color and I thought I would need something beige, but your curtains and the detailing are great!

  6. Wonderful job, Sherry! Another idea to consider are tablecloths. Jen Rizzo did a great blogpost on using them & I've seen great prices on ones up to 120" long in places like Homegoods & Bed Bath & Beyond. I believe Jen bought hers at Target.

  7. Wonderful and so creative idea. They look fabulous. Ikea has so many wonderful items to decorate with. Thanks for sharing your creative solution.

  8. Sherry….they look custom! Well they are! Haha!! But seriously when I ooo'd and aaahhh'd over them before I had no idea. They are simply stunning. Pinning!!
    BTW…please link up this post at Project Inspire{d}!! 😉


  9. It looks like Blogger ate my comment for supper tonight. So…let's try this again. 🙂

    Sherry…the first time I ooo'd and aaahh'd over them I thought they were custom. Haha! They were, huh?!! 😉


    Please stop by and link up this post at Project Inspire{d}!

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