Master Bedroom Tour In New Home

I bet you were thinking that our new home had only two rooms…family room and kitchen nook.  I haven’t  shared other rooms with you in the hope I would have them fully decorated .  Now I realize this could take months or even years!
You will recognize the bedroom furniture from our previous home.  I added new bedding, curtains and a mirror.  The round black tables are being used until I can find night stands.
Enjoy the tour…..






View from bedroom.Sorry about the lousy pictures.  My expensive 2 year old Canon camera is still not fixed….uugh.

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45 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Tour In New Home”

  1. The bedroom looks beautiful and that bed is to die for!! I know what you mean about waiting forever for things to be perfect before you take a photo. I am just doing up my bedroom and I am moving the bed which will be against the window like yours. Can I ask, is that a wall in the centre where the drape is behind the bed? I am not sure what to do about a headboard as I didn't want it hiding the window however seeing your bedroom has got me thinking there are several possibilities now.

    I am using wide plantation shutters which will go across the window, three shutters in all as the window is about the width of what yours looks like. Hanging a curtain down the middle to make it look like two windows could be an option although it would take away a little light from my room. What do you suggest?

    I should take a photo and send to show you. It is nice to get another opinion. I will be pinning your bedroom on my ideas board as a reminder.

    Lee 🙂

  2. Oh your bedroom is so pretty! I love the furniture you're using in there. It's perfect for a FL home. Love your bedding and your blue painted mirror.

  3. Can I come stay?? What an airy, dreamy, relaxing room!! I am madly in love with that blue-framed mirror. I want one. 🙂
    (stopping by from The Scoop)

  4. Gorgeous light, views and blue and white hues! Our master bedroom is also done in a calm and cool blue and warm white!


  5. BeaUtiful bed Sherry!
    I know you're having sO much fun in your new house–it's always so fun to re-stage and re-use our prized belongings in new and creative ways in a new space—and you sure picked a great new house!

  6. So calm and cool, beautifully done! But I must say the ads were popping up everywhere and I couldn't enjoy it. Hope it's something at thus end!

  7. Hi Sherry, Your bedroom is so lovely and the colors are beautiful in that space. So glad you are getting settled but I had a little chuckle when you said it could take years to finish! Exactly why you never see upstairs here, it’s taking years LOL! Hope you are having a lovely summer.


  8. Sherry this is so beautiful. Simple elegance, calm and soothing, blue and white. Your room has all the BEST qualities!
    Happy weekend, Kathysue

  9. Hi Sherry! I love your new bedroom and I do recognize many pieces from your former home even the framed itaglios. They look wonderful with the blue and cream mirror.

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