Hanging Pictures The Nautical Way

Steve grew up on the water and he loves boats,  especially sail boats.   We have owned
several,  but none since the last one ended up twenty feet in someones front yard
during Hurricane Ivan.  Though there are no sail boats in our near future,  (sorry hon)
we can still decorate our new home with nautical touches.

I saw this idea at Restoration Hardware and knew it would be the perfect way to hang
pictures in my husbands office.

We attached boat cleats to the wall and added rope. Looking at these pictures I think the large
print would look better with a white mat.


I’ll share the rest of the office as soon as Steve finds a desk he likes….talk about picky!

Right now he is using a really old rusty metal and wood folding table from dad’s garage.
Our daughter in law visited a couple of weeks ago and asked if we got the desk at Restoration
 Hardware.  I had to laugh, but it does look a little like something RH might sale.  This doesn’t
change my opinion though and it still has to go.


Thanks so much for all your kind comments about our new home.   If you missed any of the post
you can catch up HERE, HERE  and HERE.

21 thoughts on “Hanging Pictures The Nautical Way”

  1. I love the cleats Sherry, I saw a boat cleat used as a toilet paper holder recently and thought about doing that at our beach house~ I love the rope, looks great! Our boat landed in my neighbors yard during Ivan too~

  2. That picture of your living room looks like it's out of a magazine! I love the boat pictures and the way they are hung with rope. So neat and perfect for a FL home.

  3. I love your pictures and I especially love that ship's wheel (forget what they call it, lol)! It's a nice arrangement and I agree the mat would probably look better white to go with the others. Looks nice now though!

  4. I love what you did with the cleats. Great post.

    I have to tell you I viewed your Italy and Greece photos again and they are so good. Really great! It had rained right before we were in Venice and my pictures aren't as good as yours because of the weather but we had a fabulous time. Enjoyed your pics again today. Thanks.

  5. I love what you have done with the curtains. Perhaps you could buy more Ikea curtains and add fabric or trim to the bottom of each panel. Or pull them back with rope, or use a cleat to hold them back.

  6. Love the anchor cleats and the added touch using the rope!! Would love it if you shared this at our Motivational Monday party going on right now. {http://www.burlapandbabies.com/2014/07/motivational-monday_28.html}

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