Mantel Disaster!

Today I planned on showing you my beautiful mantel.
The mantel I worked on for three hours yesterday.
Arranging and re-arranging until it was perfect.
I added my collection of mercury glass,
including two new pieces.
The candles were placed in the candle holders.
Ribbon and faux snow were added.
The lights were plugged in.
I stepped back to admire my creation….
(Tree 2010)
It was like everything was in slow motion.
The garland began to slide.
The mercury glass fell from the mantle.
Faux snow drifted all over the floor
Ribbon was tangled and scattered.
I had already starting sweeping up the glass by the time the picture was taken


These two pieces were the only thing I could save.
Back to square one.
A new Christmas mantle coming soon.
minus the mercury glass!
A lesson learned… Never, Ever Trust Command Hooks!!

69 thoughts on “Mantel Disaster!”

  1. Oh no! I'm sorry that happened to you. Bummer! I'm sure you will come up with something just as beautiful, can't wait to see it!

  2. Oh my, that is sooo…depressing. I can't believe you were calm enough to take a picture. I'm sure your mantle was a beautiful creation. I can't wait to see the new version.

    I'm also thinking about my mantle now and the wreath I have hanging on a command hook above it. You got me worried.

    Best wishes for a better day 🙂

  3. I certainly hope you are going to send this disaster to the 3M company to let them know what a horrible tragedy happened because of their product. They certainly should reimburse you for something if nothing more than the cost of the hooks.

  4. Oh! No! I am so sorry this happened. I know exactly how you feel as I have had the same thing happen to me. My solution was to use eye screws on the top of the mantel and then attach wire to the ends of the garland. Looking forward to seeing your recreated mantel.

  5. Wow! What exactly happened? Was there just too much weight for the hooks to hold? How disappointing for you AND your readers. But, I have no doubt you'll come back with something even better than your first arrangement.

  6. Oh No! I am sick for you! That is scary that the command hooks didn't work for you. I have alot riding on those babies. Maybe I should call in the reinforcements! Best of luck on the new decor!

  7. Oh, my heart just sank when I scrolled down and saw the pics. I have not like those hooks since they took paint off some of my wood trim last year. So sorry about this, but can't wait to see your new one.

  8. My heart is aching for ya, really because a few things fell off of mine as well, the were just the glass ornaments though, It was a minor disaster compared to yours. So sorry…see your new one soon.

  9. Oh my God, I'm so sorry to hear what happened to your fire place. I can imagine how you're feeling, I spent the whole day yesterday fixing up my fireplace. It came out very nice, I'm going to post up pictures tomorrow. Today, I was putting my Christmas tree. I've never trusted command hooks, I always use natural branches for decorations when I decorate the fire mantel. I use those little water canisters they use when decorating a single flower? I fill it with water and put it at the end of the branch to give it water, and I also spray water on the branches very carefully, so the decorations do not get damaged. Thus far I have not had an accidents. I feel so bad since I love all Christmas decorations and I take lots of pride in mine.

    Take care and good luck!!


  10. Sherry I have my hand over my mouth saying OH NO!!! I can not believe that, Now I am starting to worry about mine, yikes I had better go tie it down. I am so sorry, It looked like it was beautiful. I love all your elements. They say all things happen for a reason,so they say. Good luck on your re-creation,Kathysue

  11. Oh my Sherry! This was a big fall! So sorry. YOur pictures are fabulously fatal!!!!! I saw them and audibly gasped.
    Please post your mantel, second try! I have had garland fall before. Now I use 3M mini hooks.
    Bless your sweet heart!

  12. Oh, don't tell me that about those hooks, I used them for my garland on my mantle this year (first time) and everything seems to be holding up. My sister first introduced me to them last year and then recently Susan at BNOTP posted about using them on her PB porch so I got me some….

    Can't wait to see mantle #2!


  13. Oh, Sherry, I'm SOOO sorry. My kitchen ledge greenery did that to me last year, but luckily it was before I'd added my breakables. Hope you didn't lose anything of great sentimental value.

    Your party on the 15th sounds like fun. It is my birthday so I'll be sure to pre-schedule a post to join in the celebrating!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  14. I actually had my hubby cut a board to size that fits on my mantle, and I use a staple gun to attach the garlands. It's worked out incredibly well, and nothing will fall off that! Better yet, I just put plastic over the whole works and store it as is. Best of luck in reworking your mantel.

  15. My husband just heard me gasp as I was reading your post, my tummy hurts just looking at the picture of the aftermath. I hope the %@!!&#!$ got it out of your system so you can take a deep breath and start all over again. I love your perseverance. Better luck with the new display, I can't wait to see it!


  16. Sherry I am so sorry because I know how much love and care you put into everything you do! It will be more beautiful than ever!

    I have a $200 Giveaway from Fifi Flowers!
    Do come and enter!

    Art by Karena

  17. Oh, no! I'm sooo sorry. I do feel your pain. I had a similar incident with the Christmas Tree. But, I'm so glad that at least two pieces made it out alive. And Kudos for handling it well! Your new mantel will look great!


  18. Sherry I am so sorry that some of your things broke. I used the command hooks also, garland fell and balls went everywhere, but there was nothing breakable on mine. But, like you I had invested about three hours of valuable time. I am sure that you will make it beautiful again.

  19. I have a tear. I'm so sorry. I've had things like this happen and for some odd reason it's usually at Christmas! (Twice the cat climbed the Christmas Tree and it came tumbling down!)
    soooo sorry.
    (thanks for linking up at All Things Merry & Brite!)

  20. Sherry, this looks down right painful. Like we don't have enough things going on this time of year having to redo a "masterpiece" and deal with the broken pieces. I think you should certainly send some pictures to the Command Strip people. Hopefully today brings a refurbished mantel and thanks for sharing,its nice to know I'm not the only one this kind of stuff happens to.

  21. I am so sorry!! I think I would have just sat down and cried!! You have a wonderful attitude about it and I am looking forward to seeing your new completed mantel soon.

  22. I can't even imagine. My photo would be blurry from histeria. I wonder if you could send that photo to the maker of Command, is it Post-it??
    I was just admiring some mercury glass for purchase too, oh to see yours in pieces 🙁 makes me want to cry.

  23. Oh no! I'm so sorry!! But I'm sure whatever you do now will be twice as good! I have always wondered if those hooks hold as good as they say they do!

  24. Hi Sherry, You are not alone! I had my Christmas tree fall over…not once but twice! The first time I cried and the second time….I had a big ole potty mouth.

    Your new creation will be even prettier than the first!

    xx kelley

  25. So sorry Sherry, I bet you felt like crying :o( I'm certain your finished mantle will look amazing when it's done – even if not quite how you'd planned it.
    Rose H

  26. Oh my goodness Sherry!! The SAME thing happened to me and I just put it into a post for tonight!! I used the command hooks too and the garland fell off 4 times! So frustrating and totally not like what they claim in the commercial.
    I feel your pain my friend!

  27. Sherry,
    I am so sorry about your mantel disaster. It is not fun to have a decor problem that includes breakage! I have used the command hooks with varying success. I have had them fall down also and take huge chunks out of my drywall. If I can think of another way to do it I usually don't use them. Mary Carol Garrity fits a piece of a board to the size of her mantel and then staples everything to it and puts it in place. Just another way of doing it. 🙂

  28. Oh, my heart hurts for you. But I appreciate you keeping it real and showing us the outcome anyway. Your photos and vignettes are usually so perfect. Stuff happens, ya know? SO sorry about the mercury glass 🙁

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  29. Oh sweetie my heart breaks for you! I use command hooks all the time but I do press them on very hard and let them dry the amount of time they give on the instructions plus a little longer for good measure.

    I am soooo sorry!!! But out of the ashes come great things. Can't wait to see what you create!!

  30. Oh Sherry!!!! 🙁
    So sorry to hear about your garland and that mercury glass!!
    I love the look of all the glass bulb ornaments…but seems like there are always a few that end up in bits and pieces… and I love mercury glass- I have a couple pieces on my mantle too-I'm going to have to check on them!
    On a happier note~ your tree glimpse is looking gorgeous and I recognize that glittery star!! I love those! They have such a great impact on the tree~ can't wait to see more of your tree and your new mantle~
    Thanks so much for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday this week! 🙂

  31. Oh my gosh, this is unbelievable…But during this season, you taught us all such a valuable lesson…You know what that is? You taught us that people care about us even when we don't have perfect pictures…that it is our essence that people admire and love…and it shows you are REAL…that is so refreshing in this blogging world of "perfection." Guess what? We're not all perfect…some stuff works out and some doesn't, but people don't show the "oops" stuff often enough….

    I feel so bad that this happened to you…I know it must have been shockingly upsetting…But, your post means so much to me because it shows the TRUE spirit of the season–how we all try to make things of beauty for others to enjoy to share this beautiful spirit of the holiday–and you have a beautiful spirit!
    It shines right through your blog.

  32. Did you cry???
    One year my entire tree fell over & I cried & cried!! It just so sucks to have all your precious Christmas decorations to break…
    I feel your pain friend!!!
    At this point I would just go out into the yard & grab up some pinecones & boughs, ribbon & call it a day! LOL
    So sorry friend, it looks like it was amazingly awesome!!
    Hugs & a smile,


  33. I dread the thought of things like this happening…..big hugs and merry Christmas! If you get a chance…I'm having a Christmas party/Chinese gift exchange on Dec. 19th at 5pm…at my house! Email if you'd like to come!
    Also, I'm having a concert next sunday at 6pm at Ivey UMC in Colonial Heights–me playing my arrangements of christmas music on piano and organ….I'll also be playing piano at Through The Garden Gate at their open house from 6-9 this Thursday evening and at The Oak from 7:30-9 on Friday the 10th…

  34. Hi Sherry, can't believe I missed this post, so so sorry about your mercury glass. I know how you feel–my little mantel over the stove fell like 5 times with those hooks, until I followed the directions and cleaned the space with alcohol. Guess there was grease or something up there from cooking–oh well, congrats on the featured artist! That's great! I will email you, haven't heard about lunch.

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