Christmas Mantel

Layla at  The Lettered Cottage  is having a Mantel Party tomorrow and it looks like I am running late!  I haven’t even started decorating the mantel and the tree isn’t even finished yet.  Rather than miss the party I am showing you my 2009 mantel.

I must apologize for the poor quality of the photos.  I had just started blogging when these were taken with my little point and shoot.  I will try to do better this year.

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Thanks for visiting and Happy Holidays!

31 thoughts on “Christmas Mantel”

  1. I am with you , Sherry, haven't decorated a thing yet. Your mantle looks lovely!
    Thanks for putting up my button, and I will be at your party.
    My friend, The Tablescaper told me McLinky is changing, so that has me a bit nervous!

  2. I think your pictures were great. Your mantel was beautiful too. I got my mantel finished last night for the party but couldn't get good pictures (lighting in a basement family room is not good). Hoping for better lighting today to join the party.
    I'll be joining you on the 15th!

  3. Gorgeous! I feel so behind…my living room and dining room are both filled with boxes of Christmas decor that I've yet to really get into! I did get some on the mantle last night!


  4. Very pretty! I love your ribbon, lights, and I love how you used the hyrdangea in your arrangement too. I don't think your behind in your decorating at all it's not even the 1st of December yet, so in my book you are waayyy ahead! LOL!

  5. Hi Sherry, I am relieved to hear that someone else doesn't have their house decorated to the 9's yet either. As I keep my decorations up until Epiphany (Jan. 6th) I am never in a rush. I have to clean everything first as my mom always said "We can't just throw on some tinsel and hope it covers the dust." 🙂
    Thank you from the bottom of my corsage making heart for your kind comments.

  6. Hi, Sherry, I went to Lettered Cottage and could find no reference to a Mantel party. Did I get the info wrong.?Love your mantel and the little angels. I have your party button on my sidebar. Hugs, Ginger

  7. Looks so beautiful and classy Sherry. I love your ribbon and the nice glow of the lights…I am missing some lights…oh boy back to the mantel.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous Sherry! I scrambled to get my pics together today for the party too! 🙂 Your mantel last year was beautiful and I can't wait to see what you do this year!

  9. Oh Sherry — i LOVE the name of your blogsite. Yes, I agree with you especially around Christmas time.

    Oops, I don't have a mantle! I am commissioning a mantle shelf and I want dentil molding, so Sherry, your mantle is copied for inspiration. You did a great job. Can't wait to see THIS year's effort!

  10. All I can say is WOW! That mantle is stunning. I adore those prints over the fireplace. Can't wait to join the party later in the month! Take care Sherry!

  11. Hi Sherry,
    Your last year's mantel looks lovely. I haven't even started on my decorating so I won't be joining in but I will sure be looking at all the pretties.


  12. Your mantel is beautiful. I love the ribbon too! I haven't started decorating because I am still trying to put stuff away from the move. IY YI YI!

  13. yours is beautiful as I knew it would be! I think I may get to see the 2010 version up close and personal. 🙂 I couldn't do this party as I don't even have a mantle. A very big fireplace with no mantle. xoxo

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