Me, A Featured Artist?

Thank you all so much for your condolences and sweet comments on my Mantel Disaster post.  The new mantel decorations are done and there were no catastrophes this time.  That sucker is really nailed into the top on the mantel shelf and it is not going anywhere this time!  I was so paranoid after that incident that I had my husband wire the Christmas tree to the window trim…just in case.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you have seen the post about my Ballard Knock-off  a million times. The company I purchased the French Birth Certificate featured my project in their recent  newsletter and I was noted as the Featured Artist.  I’ve never been called an artist before and I think it might be a real stretch of the imagination to assume that I have any artistic ability.  I did win a bike from McDonald’s in an art contest when I was around 10 years old.  Does that count? 

Below is an excerpt from  Digital Collage Sheets November newsletter. 

Featured Artist
Over the past few months, we’ve noticed an unusually large spike in the sale of one of our vintage documents. After a little digging, we found a blog post that I’m pretty sure was totally responsible for all those downloads. It was a well written article on creating an inexpensive knock-off of a commercially available print using our 1816 French Birth Certificate.

So first, I have to extend a heartfelt thanks to Sherry for her post and for mentioning us as her source… Sherry started her blog, No Minimalist Here just over a year ago to document the ongoing decorating in her home, as well as the many craft projects she used as part of her design… Like so many of us, Sherry originally created her blog as a way to communicate with family and friends who lived too far away to visit. She told us… “I felt they would enjoy seeing our home and the changes we were making. Never did I think my little blog would get the attention it has.”

She went on to say… “I am a firm believer that anyone can have a beautiful home on a budget and I try to show people how to achieve this. I love taking an item from an expensive catalog or shop and replicating it for pennies. I also like to shop flea markets, junk shops and Craigslist for Items that can be transformed into something wonderful. The Ballard inspired art project is one of my favorites and has been one of the most popular posts so far. I hope you enjoy and that you may be inspired to start a project of your own.”

Thank you to Michelle and Bill of  Digital Collage Sheets  for this feature.  If you are looking for graphics please check out their website. There are hundreds of graphics available for purchase with most just a few dollars each. 

I would also like to thank Tami of  High Street Cottage for selecting me as one of the winners of  Fifi O’Neill’s new book, Romantic Prairie, to be released in March.  I am so excited to be one of the winners!  Some of my blogger friends homes are featured in Romantic Prairie so I know it will be a wonderful book to own. If you are not familiar with High Street Cottage  please drop by and visit Tami. She is an absolute doll and she has a beautiful blog.

Please plan on joining my first ever blog party starting 12/15. I look forward to seeing all your fabulous holiday decor.

Happy Holidays,


22 thoughts on “Me, A Featured Artist?”

  1. Wow, Congratulations Sherry, I think this is such a well deserved honor. You really are an "artist". You home looks perfect and that is part of being an artist. I just read your mantel mishap, such a shame. I am sure it was stunning. Congratulations also on your book win. It will be a great read. I am all ready to join your party on the 15th I think. At least I have done all that is probably going to get done. lol Hugs, Marty

  2. THis is wonderful Sherry, you really are so talented, don't ever forget that!
    If it makes you feel any better, My whole mantel also came down this week. My little guy went to turn off the tv and………everything on the ground, a few broken piece but nothing I couldn't super glue back together. So I guess I got off easier then you 🙁

  3. Sherry,
    A big congrats on being a featured artist. You are so creative, you definitely deserve the title.
    I have been so busy decorating that I am behind on blog reading. I was sick to read about your mantel fail. #@!!$!??!
    I am excited about your link party and I will definitely be participating.
    I am having mine this week, starting tomorrow night.
    I hope you can stop by.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Congrats! It is so nice to be recognized isn't it. This says a lot to me about the owners of that company. They are the kind of folks I like to do business with. I will definitely keep them in mind.

  5. You most certainly are an artist Sherry!!! Your home is your beautiful canvas. Congratulations to you on this feature. And congrats on winning Fifi's book!!!!!!

  6. Congratulations on being a featured artist…you deserved it:)

    I love visiting your blog…

    You're one lucky girl for winning 'Romantic Prairie', heard so much about it:)

  7. Congrats! I love your stuff!!! Please visit my blog today and find about the love letter sent to all of us!

  8. Congratulations Sherry! You are quite the talented artist! I love your "knock off" piece. I am off to see the Digital Collage Sheets website. And am looking forward to your "Share the Decor" party! ~Delores

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