Grow Your Blog sponsored by Vicki @ 2 Bags Full

Welcome to  Grow Your Blog  sponsored by Vicki @ 2 Bags Full.
Vicki did a great job putting this party together and I wanted to thank her
for all her hard work. 

I am a day late joining the party due to computer problems.  All is well now and I
am back to blogging.
At 2 Bags Full  you’ll find links to almost four hundred blogs…all there to
meet new people and hopefully grow their blogs.  I am always excited to
find new blogs with similar interests as mine.  Looks like I’ll be busy for
quite a while going through all the links at the party!
For those of you not familiar with “No Minimalist Here” I thank you for visiting
for the first time.  Our move from  Florida to Virginia. three years ago prompted
 me to start blogging.  Hubby and I sold our home in Florida fully furnished
(they even bought our pots, pans & dishes)  and we had to pretty much start
 decorating our new home from scratch.
My friends and family know how much I love decorating, they were asking
me to email them pictures as we worked on our home. I decided the best way
to share our progress was through starting a blog. Never in a million years did I
dream No Minimalist Here would grow to the size it is now, nor did I think anyone
other than a few family and friends would even visit.
I truly appreciate each and everyone of you that have made this blog such
a fun and wonderful experience for me.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
For those of you that are visiting here for the first time, or are relatively new
followers,  I am highlighting below are just a few of my favorite projects.
Above is one of the first projects I showed on my new blog… Ballard Design Knockoff.
It is still one of the most visited post even three years later.
Make Your Own Chalk Paint For $4.00  to date has had over 200,000 visitors and still has
more views each week than any other post.  Who would have ever thought? 

I saw a great Lazy Susan at Pottery Bar and decided to try to recreate the look.   The
Pottery Barn Inspired Piece is still one of my favorites…even if it did only cost me $1.00.

Covering the altar candlesticks with Spackle really transformed the bright
gold finish on this pair.

Thanks for dropping by and you can find more of my frugal projects in the
archives. Also,  I would love for you to link up to the Open House party held right
here starting every Wednesday evening.

I will try to get around to visiting everyone linked to the
Grow Your Blog Party.   In the meantime just leave a comment that
you are a new follower here and I will happily follow back.


28 thoughts on “Grow Your Blog sponsored by Vicki @ 2 Bags Full”

  1. Hi Sherry ! I also joined "Grow" party. I already follow you,and post with you. I have gained 3 new followers today. yea! Its been a long time with none. I didnt know you moved from Fla to Va and started from scratch. Let me tell you, you ve done a heck of a beautiful job, my friend!!huggs, Dianna

  2. Dropping over from the "Grow Your Blog" party! I've been looking and looking and love your site! I'm now a follower because I can't wait to see your next post!

  3. I suscribed a long time ago. I think it's because I loved the title of your blog… "Minimalist" decoration is really trendy right now in France and it's just not me! But I'm a brand new follower, since I only recently discovered what it was, when someone asked me to add the gadget on my own blog.

  4. Your homemade chalk paint recipe post got me started and I've become a painting fool! (and really good at it) Thanks for the posts!!

  5. Spackle huh? I have some candle sticks that are simliar so I will give it a try. Hope they come out as well as yours.
    I have been following you for a while now – this morning I was happy to see the Grow party you are having! I have blogged for a while now but this last week I have decided that I wanted to grow my blog and become more dedicated to it. I have a lot to learn. So thanks for having this party!!!
    Enjoy your blog !

  6. What a lovely site- and love the title! Wonderful design and travel photos! Thanks for visiting- Vicki's party has been so fun! just joined yuor site and can't wait to see more

  7. Hi Sherry, Thanks for stopping by my blog for The Grow Party. Love your site. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts. I too am an antique dealer and DIY and decorating. Lots in common!
    Little putty, Little paint

  8. Great post, Sherry! I've been a follower of your blog since right after I decided to start blogging. I had been "visiting" blogs for several years and was trying to get up the nerve to start my own. You continue to inspire me. Thanks!


  9. Hi sherry-
    I'm returning the visit from Girasole Farm.
    I am smitten with you design taste.
    Lovely for sure.
    I'm anxious to get to know you better.
    🙂 Becka

  10. You have such a unique decorating style and it was good to see some of your favorite projects. Always Inspiring! I'll be sure to check out the Grow Your Blog Party … it sounds like fun!

  11. I've seen you around the blogosphere – one million page views WOW! You go girl ~

    Popped in from the Grow Your Blog hop.

    Give me a visit some time ~

  12. Hi! Not sure if I ever let you know that I was following your blog or not, but I know that I have left oodles of comments. There is always something wonderful to comment about in your posts and I'm truly enjoying reading them all. I have lived in Florida before and lived most of my life here in Virginia, so we have that in common, among other things. Thank you for so much inspiration and fun! Hugs, Leena

  13. I wouldlove to grow my blog so will go checkout that post! Thanks for letting us know. I LOVE< LOVE those candlesticks!!!! SPACKLE!!??? How did you ever come up with that idea??? XO, Pinky

  14. I came to you thru French Country Cottage and love your site and am your newest follower. We are empty nester's who sold our big family home and rented by our Grandkids for 5 years…guess what, they turned into teenagers and have lives of their own, so we bought another home and are starting all over again… Off to check out Grow Your Blog!

  15. Hi Sherry, I have admired your projects before and am just getting the bug to start painting furniture. So I am really tuned it now and have become a follower. Will jump over to the blog party now. Such creativity.

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