Pottery Barn Inspired wine barrel lazy susan

Last year I was in Pottery Barn and saw a wine barrel lazy susan that I liked.  What I didn’t like was the $129 price tag!   Here is my inspiration for this project.

I put the project in the back of my mind until recently when I found a lazy susan in a junk shop.
I paid my $1.00 and headed home with this beauty.  Well, I hoped she would turn into a beauty with a little pampering.
 The piece was stained an ugly orange color so the first thing I did was lightly sand it. I wanted the look of planks of wood so I took a pen and ruler and drew lines in the wood. The wood was soft enough that by pressing hard the pen made a groove.   I then applied a coat of stain and wiped off gently leaving more color in certain areas . This was a big improvement on it’s own.
The more I looked at the PB version I felt the design was a little plain for me. I found an image I liked at  The Graphics Fairy  and made a copy enlarging it to the size I wanted.

Using carbon paper I just traced the design.  I created the additional wording in Microsoft’s Word and then followed the same process.  Then it is as easy as painting in the design with a black paint pen.  The lazy susan was lightly distressed with sandpaper and finished with a clear coat of spray varnish.  I used the same technique making the Antiquities sign shown here

Here is the finished project…
And a close up
  I already had all the materials I used left over from other projects.
  The total cost of my lazy susan was $1.00!    
PB you know I love ya…but I like my version better and it cost $128 less than yours. Don’t feel bad because you’ll end up with some of the money I saved.  I just ordered two lanterns from you. Of course I am known for being rather thrifty so I waited until they were 75% off.
Thanks for the inspiration Pottery Barn!

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  1. Way cool! Your project turned great! In fact, I like yours better than the PB version. Theirs was definitley a bit plain. Yours has so much more character! I will now be on the lookout for lazy susans in my junkin' travels!

  2. Sherry I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Was that enough explanation marks???
    No, I really really love it. And I've seen those same lazy susans. Never thought of stenciling. And you chose something so tasteful, so expensive looking too! Proud of you young lady! I have a stencil project coming up I think you'll love. Well done, xoxo tami

  3. This looks fantastic! My girlfriend and I were looking at some of these at Tuesday Morning over the holidays that were made out of several barrel boards cut to the shape of a circle. She wanted one but we did not like the way the boards might bevel making the center unlevel as one solid piece would not. I have a lazy susan and advised here against that one with the boards as well. What we were both ogling over was that it was stamped like these. I told her we could paint something on one and it would be better but I hadn't thought of The Graphics Fairy at the time. That is a fantastic idea. I will pass it on and I am sure she will be thrilled! Now if we can just find her one at a great deal like you did. haha! Thank you!

  4. Way to go Sherry! My heart went a flutter when I saw $1.00 I so love a bargain.

    And might I say the grooves are the tiny detail that really make it sing.

    I predict that all Goodwill's and all other thrift stores will be slammed for the next week or so with girls looking for lazy susans! lol

    Just beautiful!

  5. This is a fabulous project! I love it!! I have a lazy susan in my studio and I am definitely copying your idea. Thanks for posting this.

  6. You are very creative! And if Pottery Barn can sell their's for $129,,,,I'm thinking you could sell your's for $150 or more!
    I guess I just never thought of using other things for inspiration and then looking for what I would need to "copy" the idea. Such a simple thing but the thought never crossed my mind. Thank-you. YOU are my inspiration! I already hang out at the thrift shops so I am looking forward to creating.

  7. Sherry, you are GOOD really really GOOD! I don' even know how to download graphics and print out stuff! I need to learn. I love how you made that look old with the lines and the writing on it is perfect. Yes, it is way better than PB's overpriced version. Thanks so much for sharing this at my party!

  8. Sherry, you knocked this one out of the park girl! It is better than the PB one to me!
    I have two round pieces of old wood (probably tops to tables or maybe a lazy susan) I think I will try one of these. If I do, I will link back to this post so everyone can see how mine should look!!! 🙂

  9. Well I bet there will be a run on old lazy susans at all the thrift shops today. Great project Sherry and your graphics are perfect. Thanks for adding another craft to my list of things I've got to try.



  11. OMG that looks awesome! I have to agree with you, yours looks better than PB. Thanks for sharing the how to and for your inspiration.

    Have a wonderful day,

  12. Fabulous, Sherry. I've wanted one of these for awhile. I'll be on the lookout for a lazy susan. I think I can do this.:-)
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. This is absolutely amazing, I just love what you did. I do believe I like yours better, and the price is no comparison. Great job Sherry.

  14. How absolutely terrific! Yours is much better thant the PB version. All over blogland, women have just written this down on their list of things to find and do. It's certainly on my list! You are so-o-o- smart!

  15. Okay..gotta leave a comment. Brilliant!!!! Between the photography and gluten-free blogs I don't get to many of the decor blogs, but yours is in my favorites. This is an example of why Awesome!

  16. I have worked as a Tasting Room manager at a local winery for ten years and own a lazy susan made from the top of a $1000. French Oak barrel that was used for local wine making. I was lucky enough to get mine as a gift from the cute frenchman that made them, but I retailed them for $90. each and couldn't keep them in stock because they sold so quickly. This is all just background to me saying that YOU DID AN AWESOME JOB! I love love love it 🙂

  17. Bazinga! I absolutely love it!
    I see those all the time at the thrift stores and could only invision yucky decoupage on them.
    Your's is fabulous!

  18. Sherry I know I have already been bby to admire and drool over your lazy susan but I wanted to let ya know I am now trying to figure out how to do something similar to our plain cutting board. Let ya know if I figure something out. Thanx again for a great inspiration project!

  19. I don't know how I missed this lazy Susan post, but I did. I love it!! And for $1.00? You are a very creative and talented lady. And if you live close enough, I would cook for you as often as you would drop by.

  20. Sherry, I've too admired these pieces. Have to say yours is better looking. You are very talented and one clever individual. Great project!

  21. It looks great! I have an old wood lazy susan at our cottage! I am going to try it. If I do I will credit you with the inspiration!
    I am a PB Outlet shopper. Even there I wait for the sales! Most of their stuff is so overpriced. You look on their outlet web site and it 75% less for the same thing in the outlet. Crazy!
    Have a good week, Sherry

  22. This is a big Wow factor, you took a boring lazy susan and made it spectacular….. it is so much better than the other one without a doubt. Now look at what you did- it seems like everybody wants one now…. Thanks to YOU!

    Take Care*

  23. Sherry,

    I just love this… I want to copy your design… having much trouble finding the date and leaves on graphic fairy… do you remember what it is called?

    thanks so much

  24. Olá Sherry!!! Seu blog é maravilhoso,um charme, muito inspirador e seus trabalhos são lindos… Parabéns!!!
    É um prazer visita-la, realmente tudo muito encantador.


  25. Love, love, love this! Today I found a lazy susan just like this, only mine was $2, still a bargain. I love how yours turned out, mind if I steal?

  26. I'm new to the Blog world (altho online since 1986 — yes, that's right) and have spent two weeks mesmerized by page after page after page. I just wanted to say I love your projects and most of all, you crack me up. That's worth its weight in gold. All the best to you. I'll be haunting you. 🙂

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