Orlando Trip and Winner

Hi everyone!  We got back from our whirlwind trip to Orlando last night.  It was wonderful to see my family and spend time with them.  I swear my grand kids have grown a foot since December.

Our home in Virginia will be on the market next week and the beach house will be for sale in the next few weeks.  We did have a chance to look at some neighborhoods while in Orlando and we eliminated a few areas and added a couple of new ones.   Please send positive thoughts our way that our homes will sell quickly and we can begin a new life in Florida.

Thank you to everyone that entered my One World One Heart Giveaway.
The winner is…….
Connie @  She Dreams Big
Congrats, Connie!!  Email me your mailing address and I’ll get the two Shabby Chic books in the mail.
Now I am on my way to organize yet another closet.

21 thoughts on “Orlando Trip and Winner”

  1. Hi Sherry,
    I'm glad that you enjoyed time with your family.
    I also wish you the best selling your homes.
    We took ours off the market because the market here on the coast of NC is very slow. We thought we had the house sold last year and the
    buyer backed out two days before closing! Needless to say we were devasted. It did cost them quite a bit to get out of the deal but it was so stressful. So, we just decided to wait it out hoping for a better housing market picture.

    I'm sure yours will sell because of where they are located. It's here that it's very slow in our price range.

    I hope you get to move to Florida to be near your family.


  2. I'm feeling faint and I am drooling over my keyboard. Did I just win the BEST giveaway ever? Yup, I sure did and I am just tickled pink! Thank you so very, very much!

    Wishing on the real estate stars that both homes sell quickly so you can get to snuggle with those grandkids more often. (But if you were MY neighbor now, I would be very, very sad to see you go!)

    Hugs ~~ Connie

  3. I wish you much happiness…. but I'm here to say, "be careful of what you wish for". I live in Orlando. It's HOT most of the time! We've had a remarkable wonderful winter this year, while most have endured the snow. But it is RARE and Short lived. The BUGS are Huge!!! And the HURRICANES!!! Sometimes Tornadoes too! A few years ago I endured a horrible hurricane season where we were struck, not once, but THREE TIMES! Without power in humid heat for over a week. If I wasn't married at the time, I would have left and never came back to "Paradise", and I'm a native. Few of us get to visit the beach, it's over an hour a way, Disney runs almost $100.00 these days, I haven't been in over a decade, and in the summer it gets so horrible humid and nasty that by the time you reach your car, you are soaked and ready for another bath! I don't mean to rain on your dreams, but I just don't get it! I LONG FOR THE MOUNTAINS and the change of seasons. If I could move my job, I would. I understand wanting to be near family though. Much joy and blessings none the less…please don't beat the messenger. :-/

  4. Sherry- Glad you are home…and I wish we were a step closer to moving to FL…and I would talk to you about your Beach House..for us it a pop down I55 to that area..and I have lived much further South in FL and don't want to do that anymore. God bless you and I hope it all works out as it is supposed to. Hugs-Diana

  5. So you are moving! Wow how exciting….to me it is always exciting because of the changes, a new home, new friends, new beginnnings! Best of luck in the sale of your homes….theres a buyer for everything and hopefully your buyers will find their way sooner than later. When do you plan to make the move? Assume you are headed to the Orlando area….exciting, such a happy and sunny place.Best of luck to you and congrats to the lucky winner of the book!

  6. I'm with RC Reese! I'm pretty sure i'm one of 12 Native Floridians still here (and counting the days until i'm NOT still here). Orlando used to be a awesome. I don't sell it as such these days. Hope you make it here quick and safe! Welcome to the madness that is O-Town 😉

    ps – I live just south of downtown…in what has fairly recently been dubbed "SODO" (South Downtown – clever no?) At least it's conveniently located to pretty much everything.

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