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Thank you  for all the good wishes on our move.  I know with all of you sending positive thoughts our homes will sell quickly.

Since we decided to put our home on the market I have been staging it for sale.  You all know with a blog named No Minimalist Here that I like stuff…lots of stuff!   We have been removing some pictures and art from the walls and filling in nail holes.  Some of the excess decorations have been packed away and others have been put in my shop for sale.  I’ve even sold a few small pieces of furniture on Craigslist and we have taken a couple of loads to Goodwill.

After packing all this stuff away I realized I never showed you our two guest rooms.  I can’t believe I don’t have a single picture of the rooms fully decorated.  Keep in mind the guestrooms are now pretty bare and de-personalized.

First is a room used mostly by our grand kids.


The twin beds, mirror and night stand were all bought through Craigslist. The bedding came from TJ Maxx.


This is such a cute book!
Our other guest room is done in black and white toile with burgundy silk drapes.


I refinished this chair a very long time ago but recently added the drop cloth seat to it. This was my first attempt at using a transfer image.
The armoire is yet another CL find.  It’s made by Habersham and I liked the factory distressed finish so I didn’t have to do a thing to it.  It goes perfectly with the headboard we bought at a local furniture store. The lamps and bedside tables are from TJ Maxx. A little paint transformed the tables for this room.
Here is a closeup of the carvings.
Thanks for visiting and taking the tour with me. I still have a couple more rooms you haven’t seen and I’ll be showing those soon.

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  1. Hi Sherry,
    I know the real estate agents always want us to depersonalize our homes. I have always disagreed. We sold our last home and I left it just the way we lived in it and it sold. We had this one on the market and it sold without minimalizing but the deal fell through because the buyer got cold feet two days before closing!

    Anyway, I didn't mean to digress….I think your rooms are lovely and I can just imagaine how beautifully decorated they were with all of your "stuff."

    I am looking forward to seeing your other rooms too.


  2. Sherry, first off I have always been a big fan of your blog and beautiful home!! Now on to the bedrooms BEAUTIFUL I love everything about them, and those twin beds are gorgeous.Have a wonderful weekend, Martina

  3. Sherry , Good Luck selling your home!! I hope you as good as luck as we had! Our home sold really fast!!
    I love both your rooms!! They are so pretty!

  4. I loved seeing your rooms, especially the grandchildrens room. I want to switch out the bed in mine to twin beds, I like them better.
    can't wait to see more and get ideas.

  5. Sherry, the beds in both of these rooms are wonderful. Who wouldn't want to be a guest in these rooms? Best of luck with the house sale and the move. ~ Sarah

  6. Missed a few of your posts and just discovered in this one that you are packing up and moving. All the best to you…nothing like being close to family and I know that you will make your new home wonderful and inviting.


  7. Wow both so pretty! They both look so invinting. The twin bed for the grandkids is really darling and I love any woods painted black so thats a automatic winner in my book.
    Good luck with the packing, etc…I remember when we were doing it, I started way ahead of time of so I never felt that tremendous pressure, and did a little a day until towards the end when we were packing a lot all day….hey on the bright side, it signifies exciting new changes ahead!

  8. You have found some great things on Craigslist! I am partial to the black and white room….love the toile! Good luck getting you places sold. I am sure now that you have made the decision you want it done now!!!

  9. Sherry, your guest rooms are so inviting it makes me anxious to see what your new home in Florida will look like once you place all your treasures in it. Sure wish I was close the the GW you took some stuff to!

  10. Both rooms are gorgeous Sherry!

    I love the iron twin beds. Would love to have something like that in one of our guest rooms.

    All the best with the sale of your home.

  11. Hi Sherry!

    Oh, moving… pray you sell quickly! Your home is beautiful so I'm sure it shows well! I hated having to de-personalize our space when we put our house on the market. We've been in our house for almost 7 months, so it wasn't very long ago. I love the black wardrobe/armoire and the chair. Tres Chic! Best wishes! ~M

  12. Your rooms are so inviting. I love the bedding in the room you use for the grandchildren. The beds are so unique. I always love black and white toile, you have a gift for decorating and it was fun to see your guest rooms. I hope the sale of your home goes smoothly.

  13. I love Habersham and that black armoire is a great piece. The rooms are very pretty, but good luck with selling your house. Now we'll be able to read all about your new adventure in decorating.

  14. Even at the minimum these are fantastic rooms – very inviting! Hope all goes well with your home sale – I know it's lots of work! Hope we're settled for life!
    God Bless<

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