Fresh Florida Strawberries Are In Season

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I grew up  in Central Florida and have wonderful childhood memories of strawberry season.  Every year mom and I would visit a local farm and pick berries to make jams and other recipes.

There are always festivals and other celebrations honoring the season.  The annual Strawberry Festival is the largest and starts in February.  For many, many years my aunt served as Executive Director for this fun festival and each birthday I spent the day enjoying the rides, shows and eating strawberries prepared in every way imaginable.  Strawberry shortcake is still my favorite!

Steve and I recently moved back to Florida and we are enjoying the beautiful weather and availability of wonderful fresh produce.  In February,  when my Northern friends are digging out of the snow we are celebrating Strawberry Season.

There are many wonderful recipes available on Fresh From Florida including this delicious and healthy Florida Strawberry Parfait I prepared last night.



11 thoughts on “Fresh Florida Strawberries Are In Season”

  1. Oh Sherry yum! My mom lives in Winter Haven Florida near Plant City where the big Strawberry Festival is and I remember going a few times and how delish the strawberries are. Enjoy.

  2. I love strawberries too. Yum! Strawberry shortcake sounds good as well. It's nice that this time of year makes fruits more plentiful.

  3. Oh, YUM!!!!! Now I have to check to see if the groceries here have gotten some strawberries in. You have certainly flung a craving on me, as my Granny used to say!

    We have sunshine and 79*F today so are enjoying it to the hilt. Thursday the high is forecast to be 39*F and next week there's a chance of snow. Enjoy all that is Florida!

    In May or June there is an outdoor flea market one weekend somewhere in northern Florida (I think) called Fancy Flea that you might like.


  4. Here is where you can find specific information on the Fancy Flea market that I mentioned in my previous post on your current blog entry:
    I didn't realize it was held twice a year but that just doubles the fun. A blogger posted photos of the market a couple of years ago and I've never forgotten how wonderful everything looked. Perhaps you'd want to be a vendor there … or just a shopper!

    I tried to send this in an email from your "Contact me" link, but somehow it failed as it was determined to be spam. Go figure.


  5. I too have such fond memories of picking strawberries and sneaking a taste of one or several 🙂 with my family…it was a great outing when the strawberry farms opened up for picking!…I just read an article where they stated that the best fruits for women to eat are strawberries and blueberries….Miss that Florida weather!!

  6. I went to school in central Florida and did love the strawberries. We live in central Texas now, so I still get fresh fruit…just not as many different things!
    Blessings to you,

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