What I Took Home From Lucketts

Blogger is still giving me fits.  First I couldn’t leave comments then when I previewed my new post the sentences were all spread out in a wacky way.  Three letters on one line and the rest of the word on the next line…ughhh!  Now I can’t see my followers.  Okay Blogger, enough is enough!

Now with that out of my system I can show you one of the things I bought for myself at Lucketts.  I should have the other things listed on Etsy in a few days.

I love my new pillow made from an old grain sack.



I would have loved to bought several of these for my Etsy shop but I got the very last one.
I hope you all have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

41 thoughts on “What I Took Home From Lucketts”

  1. Hi Sherry!
    Gosh, I thought I was the only one having trouble leaving comments! Glad it seems to be fixed! Your pillow is lovely and it looks just perfect on your pretty bed!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  2. Sherry, just to irritate you a little more your followers are missing so are mine, the same problem on many blogs. Love your Lucketts purchases, I bet that was a fun day!! Have a great weekend!


  3. Oh I love your pillows, your entire bedroom looks like a Parisian apartment!

    Ann Sentimental life

  4. Sherry I love your new pillow it looks as if it was made for your room. I know what you mean about blogger, all my followers were gone all day. I think they are back now. Who knows what is going on, crazy!! Have a great long weekend!! It looks like it started out right!! Kathysue

  5. Sherry, Wonderful grain sack pillow and a nice long size too. I'm having Blogger probs too. Followers disappeared and also advertising is showing up in my posts and I don't even have advertising.. no monitize or anything. Go figure.
    Wish Blogger would get their act together.
    Have a great weekend,

  6. Nice pillow! Just wanted to say that I too have been having major problems with my blog. Finally got it straightened out, though on some blogs I am still unable to comment.

  7. Sherry I haven't been able to leave comments for days and then I unchecked the stay signed in box and that worked…Then my followers list was gone…then back….now gone again! I'm ready to pull my hair out! Ok end of rant.
    I love your new pillow but I LOVE your french bed! *winks* Where'd ya find that beauty? Vanna

  8. Oh Sherry your bed looks so divine!!!! The grain sack really is the perfect foil for the toile, quite simply gorgeous!!!! Oh and on the subject of Blogger problems – I have been unable to log in to access my blog since Thursday after posting!!!! We (actually we being my Darling Husband!) managed to cure it by getting rid of the cache and re setting cookies, worth a try perhaps? Warmest wishes from England – Glenda xxx

  9. I have just discovered that my followers are missing too from both my dashboard and blog! However by changing the design of the followers gadget they have reappeared on my blog, I do hope that may help. Oh and you have a new follower!!! Hugs – Glenda xxx

  10. Hi Sherry, your new pillow is so gorgeous and so is your bedroom… I love all the colors in it… the curtain panels and all the bed linens.. very pretty! All my followers have been missing all day yesterday… now this morning they are all back, who knows what will happen next! Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!~Poppy


  11. You are not alone with all the blogger problems! I have been frustrated with the same issues. Hopefully all will be fixed soon. Love the new pillow – great colors for your bedroom.

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  13. Oh i love this pillow and your bed is gorgeous!
    Blogger has been giving me huge issues and my follower list is gone!

    Congrats on winning that gorgeous throw from Full Bloom Cottage!!
    Pamela xo

  14. Hi Sherry! Oh yeah, those Blogger problems gave many of my party participants heart flutters yesterday during our party! But thank you for coming and leaving a comment! I see you love all things French too! Please peruse the lovely blogs that are partaking in the party; everyone has something COOL and DIFFERENT to offer! Anita

  15. Sherry, I love the grain sack pillows too, and that is a great little Paris Pillow you have. The bedding is beautiful, toile is one of my favorite patterns. Oh your trip sounds wonderful. We have been there and it is Jim's favorite city, like Paris is for me…….
    Have a happy Memorial Day.

    The French Hutch

  16. Your pillow is gorgeous. But I really love your bed!!! I'm going to have to go back and see if you did a post on it.

  17. Hi Sherry! I'm so jealous that you got to go to Lucketts and that pillow is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much for linking it up to Inspiration Friday this week! 🙂

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