$1.00 Auction Purchase

Hi all!  I hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend.
I had to share my latest on-line auction find with you.  I bought this cute pottery picnic basket for a whopping $1.00!  Delores at Vignette Design  has a picture of this basket in her header and I have always
loved it.
I still have to buy plants for the container but I was so excited I couldn’t wait to show you.  In the meantime here is a picture and listing at FCL Style  for the same planter.  FCL Style is a sister company to Pierre Deux.
Antique Picnic Basket
A picnic basket-inspired planter, appropriate for herbs and other greenery. You may also aggregate several smaller potted plants for a more diverse collection.
Item #: F302800
Dimensions: 20.5″ x 13″ x 6″
Not available for rush shipping
Did you see that price of $85.00?   WAHOO!!
Thanks for visiting and I always appreciate your sweet comments.
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50 thoughts on “$1.00 Auction Purchase”

  1. Ooooh Sherry! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the photo on my dashboard! I LOVE that planter…and such a bargain! It was the inspiration for my shabby picnic basket planter in my current post…and you got the real thing! FCL Style has some great stuff! Enjoy your new find!…hugs…Debbie

  2. Omgosh, sherry I love it and at that price it is amazing!!! Wait until Delores sees this, she will be excited for you!!! It looks great all planted, Kathysue

  3. Hi Sherry, I know that your basket planter will be more unique than anything we have seen. Can't wait to find out what kind of plants or succulents you are going to use.

  4. What a great find, Sherry I adore your basket!

    Thank you for putting on the side button for my giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  5. Score one for Sherry! Way to go girl. I'm sure that made your whole weekend. Great find and I can't wait to see her all gussied up with your plants.

  6. I've had my eye on that ever since I saw it on Vignette Design – I just love it! That's awesome that you found it for $1 – way to go!!


  7. I love this wicker suitcase, and what a deal for $1.00! It is amazing what a dollar will sometimes buy…I'm amazed at what a quarter sometimes buys from yard sales sometimes too for that matter 🙂
    I am surely gonna be on the hunt for me one of those wicker suitcases…love love love it!

  8. That was quite a discount, friend!!!! I love that you admired Delores' basket and then found one like it. And $1.00..that's crazy – you got lucky!
    Thanks for coming to the party.

  9. Sherry good for you improvising and saving yourself over eighty bucks on a 'like' item that you were able to replecate for a fraction of a retail cost! Creativity and improvisation are vital to Junquing Enthusiasts, high five!

    Dawn… The Bohemian

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