The Twin And Our Weekend

I hope everyone had a great weekend.
I recently showed you one of the urns I purchased at auction.
I filled that one with a collection of seashells and decided
to plant its twin with a birds nest fern, ivy and a couple
other plants.
It has now found a home in the morning room.
Yesterday Steve and I packed a picnic and headed to one of the state parks
for a little hiking.  The weather was perfect and such a beautiful day to be
We ended the weekend with a wonderful dinner out to celebrate
our anniversary.
Happy Anniversary Steve.
 Marrying you was by far the smartest thing
I ever did.

53 thoughts on “The Twin And Our Weekend”

  1. What a great way to spend an anniversary together Sherry, Happy Anniversary to both of you. Sometimes a simple day together is the very best gift we can give each other.

  2. Happy Anniversary to both of you! Beautiful day for hiking and picnic.. what a lovely way to spend your special day!Love the pretty planter:)Have a good week,Sherry!Hugs,Poppy

  3. Happy Anniversary. Great thing to be able to say years down the road that it was a wise decision back when you did it. I wish all my decorating decisions were as smart as my man decision!


  4. Sherry, Happy Anniversary. I can see you had a wonderful time, a beautiful setting.

    I absolutely adore your urns!!

    Oh, and I have a $100 Gift Card Giveaway from Soft Surroundings if you would like to enter!!

    Art by Karena

  5. Happy Anniversary! This is a popular time of year for that. Everyone (myself included) loves getting married in the Spring. That sounds like such a fun thing to do to have a picnic at the park. It looks beautiful!

  6. Love the greenery in the twin – reminds me that I need to get a few indoor plants!
    The photos of the State Park are beautiful. And, Happy Anniversary to you guys.

  7. Sherry,
    Happy Anniversary. Looks like the ideal weather for the weekend. Happy you had fun.
    The urn looks great. I love ivy and birdsnest ferns.

  8. Mr. No Minimalist Here looks so handsome Sherry. Looks like you two had a wonderful day spent at my old stomping grounds. It's really changed a lot… pretty. Happy Anniversary. See you later this week. Have fun with J. Love….

  9. Your photos are lovely. I like the planter… I've been thinking my 'thumb' needs RE-training and I should try live plants indoors again—it's been years since I've had indoor plants, they always die. But as I've been gardening these last two years it seems to be getting better. You plants look inspiring.

    Happy Anniversary! Our Anniversary is in April too! Our's was last week!

    many blessings to you both,Pat

  10. Happy Anniversary Sherry- Looks like you both enjoyed your weekend! Those boats on the lake make me want to rent a little canoe someday and try it out!

    bee blessed

  11. Well, Happy Anniversary you two, and what a relaxing place to celebrate. Great urn too. I like it planted with the bird's nest fern and ivy.

  12. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh……….what a sweet comment to the Mr. 🙂 And, Happy, Happy Anniversary.

    Beautiful scenery. We have lots of beauty here, but no weather to go with it right now. Still waiting.


  13. Hi Sherry,

    How are you doing? I'm sorry I don't come here for a while now, but life gets really busy with 3 kids and a business! 🙂

    I love your post today. You're one of the very best on the blogland.

    Happy Anniversary, my friend.


    Luciane at

  14. Happy Belated Anniversary! Sherry,

    Hope you both had a wonderful time & wishing you many more.

    I'm new to this site & just love it!

    That urn in the photos is soooo nice.

    Thank you for sharing such a charming post.

    Have a sunny weekend!

    Blessings & Hugs,

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