The Bucket That Refused To Rust

 Do you have big plans for the weekend?
I did take the time to put together a quick vignette to show you my recent win and
the bucket that refused to rust.
These adorable napkins and dish cloth were a win from Suzan @ Simply Vintageous.
If you are not familiar with Suzan’s blog you must stop by. Not only is she the best
at transforming furniture but her blog is guaranteed to make you giggle.


These wonderful napkins and dish cloth were donated for Suzan’s giveaway
by Daniela at Frugal Ain’t Cheap.  She sells these at her Etsy shop along with
other wonderful hand crafted items.
Most of you are busy decorating for Fall and I love seeing all the pretty vignettes.  The
temperatures here in central Florida are still in the mid nineties so I feel kinda silly
bringing out the pumpkins yet.  For now I’ll stick with the coral.
Debbie @ Confessions Of A Plate Addict recently did a post about several galvanized
pieces she found at Walmart.  When she showed this frenchy olive bucket I knew I was
headed to Walmart.
The Olive Bucket looked way too new so I decided it needed some rust.  I read
about a formula of vinegar, peroxide and salt that was suppose to bubble up and
instantly rust metal.
  First, I used steel wool on the areas I wanted this magical rust to appear.
Three coats later there was no sign of this working.  Thinking there was still
a protective coating on the piece I took a medium sandpaper and went over
the areas.  Again, nothing happened.  Frustrated with the whole process  I
attacked the piece with coarse sandpaper and sprayed five more times.  If you
look closely there is the tiniest bit of rust around the top and bottom rim.  Not
what I had hoped for, but it will have to do for now.
Of course dad thought I had lost my mind.  He said he has seen lots of people
trying to get rust off,  but never anyone trying to add it to a piece.  He tells me
all the time that I have the strangest decorating taste.  He likes fine antiques and
I love rusty old buckets!
Giveaway is now closed.
My Giveaway is still going on and you can enter HERE.
Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend.

38 thoughts on “The Bucket That Refused To Rust”

  1. my olive bucket is on the way but I'll leave it as it arrives:)

    My papa would turn over in his grave if I intentionally rusted something and he'd feel the same way about me destroying- umm I mean distressing:) a beautiful painted piece..

  2. Get yourself a good realtor and your bucket list and let them do your work. A good one could make your life a lot easier and you don't pay them. The seller pays the commissions!!!

  3. I looked on the WalMart website and can't find the bucket. I've searched calling it about everything I could think of. What do I call it? Wonder if they've run out and taken it off already?

  4. Great non-rusty olive bucket. Aren't those a great price at Walmart? I just looked online and they were out of stock…LOL there must have been a run on them after Debbie's post.

  5. Lucky you! I almost ran to Walmart myself when I read that post! I hate rust though, you could always try just a dab of chalk paint here and there to make it look like it had some life experience! I am so sorry you are still house hunting!

  6. Those are great towels! I headed out to our WM and they do not carry the olive bucket!:( I know how you feel about the rust thing and your dad. I bought a galvanized bucket for our CHristmas tree last year and have had it outside since Christmas and NOTHING. Urgh. Oh well. My hubby's dad is always thinking I have lost my mind trying to make new things look old. He just shakes his head. Thanx for partying at my place!

  7. The authentic olive buckets I see at vintage fairs and the like are upwards of $80-$100 so I'm very interested in this one! I can only hope our Wal-Mart carries it! Too funny about the rust problem. But if the price was really right, I could live with a rustless one!

  8. Looking for a home can be so frustrating. Keep your chin up and the right house will come along for you. It's just waiting for you and the right timing!!!


  9. LOL- your pop sounds like my husband.

    When I see/buy/make/design something with shappy chippy pantina he just rolls his eyes and walks away shaking his head.

    I am so glad there are magazines and Pinterest and blogging to SHOW him I am NOT ALONE in this thinking!!!!

  10. Hi Sheri,

    I love your new bucket!!! I once tried to distress a galvanized tub from Home Depot using pool acid lol
    It didn't really work to great!

    I would love to finally join a decorating party?? My computer skills are limited? I believe, I have tried unsuccessfully before 🙁 Any chance you could help a blogger friend out?


  11. Hi Sherry,
    Love the olive bucket and the deals Debbie posted on it and the other items. I already had one, rusted, and even though her post tempted me for another, I think I'll pass, thanks to your trial and error. 🙂
    I just added you to my circles on Google+, and look forward to exploring more of your posts as they appear on my reader list.
    Best, Rita

  12. That bucket is galvanized, i.e., intended not to rust. Soaking it in vinegar should "degalvanize" it so that you can start it rusting.

  13. You have the correct rust recipe, but most galvanized items do not rust easily. You will probably have to fake it with a paint technique. Congrrats on winning the linens.

  14. The towels are lovely. Suzan and Daniella both have great blogs and I love the towels. Too bad that the bucket proved so difficult to rust. I agree that some of the things we do in the name of decorating can seem odd to others at times.

  15. Love your bucket. I can not believe you got it at Walmart. Trying to get a new bucket to rust sounds like something I would do. Sorry you didn't have any luck but I do like it the way it is.

  16. Love your new little bucket….I have never heard of that recipe for rusting an item. I will have to try that out sometime. Fingers crossed that you are able to find your dream home VERY SOON!

  17. I did the same thing when I tried to rust some hardware and got the same results you did NOTHING! Not to worry your bucket still looks great with your towels and coral!
    Blessings, Peggy

  18. LOVE the bucket – with or without rust. As I'm "nurturing" my rusty things, I've often thought people must think I'm crazy. I remember using naval jelly to get rust off stuff! Now, I keep it. Go figure. I suppose it's another version of buying the "brand new ripped jean" mentality. 🙂

  19. I bought the same bucket and also thought it was way too perfect. Muriatic acid (preps surface), then peroxide. Leave outside for the heat process to take effect.

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