Staying Warm And Cozy

This Morning we had to turn on the heater for the first time this year.  Actually, it only stayed on a couple of hours until it started warming up outside.  This is one of the benefits of living in Florida. Of course if you visit us any time after March you will see our air conditioner running at top speed.

For those of you that don’t live in warm temps here are ways to stay warm and cozy this Winter,  I had to add some really cute pictures of pets too.


5 Ways to Stay Comfortable and Warm This Winter

As temperatures drop and people yearn for comfy days at home, you likely have your eye on the thermostat and wait with trepidation for your energy bill to arrive. There usually is no escaping higher heating costs, but that doesn’t mean they have to skyrocket during the cold months. Here are some ways to help your family have a comfortable Winter.
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Savvy Ceiling Fans

If you have ceiling fans in your home, you probably don’t turn them on too much during the winter time. It doesn’t seem to make sense that blowing air is conducive to creating warm spaces. However, with a simple adjustment you can harness the power of the fan in your favor. Adjust the fan’s blades so that the leading edge is tipped down, then make sure it is running in the clockwise direction as viewed from below. This will move the warmer air near the ceiling down into the room you are using. Keep the fan on low speed.

Gather Around

You can use colder weather as a reason to gather family members into a few rooms, which will boost the cozy feel while you turn down the thermostat. By closing the vents in rooms you don’t need to use a lot, you can shift more warm air into the spaces you love to live life in. Get some board games, movies, or art supplies together and keep your home’s occupants in one or two rooms. The body heat will warm the space, and the camaraderie can warm your heart.

Furnace Maintenance

Homeowners looking to cut down on repair and energy costs would do well to get a routine checkup on their furnace if they want to have a comfortable winter. Maximizing airflow, changing filters, and dealing with problems before they get worse will lengthen the life of your furnace and stretch your energy dollars. Plus, you won’t risk allowing harmful gases such as carbon monoxide enter your home.

Daylight Diligence

When you are preparing your home for winter weather, take a close look at your baseboards and around doors and windows. If you can see daylight through any cracks or places where weather stripping is missing, you likely are losing heat without even realizing it. You can also feel around doors and windows with your hands to check for small drafts or cold spots. Address any voids or cracked caulking right away to prevent further heat loss.

Bundle Up

No one likes to walk around their home with five layers of clothing on, but adding just a sweater can allow you to turn down the thermostat two degrees, which will add up in energy savings over several months. Wear socks and long-sleeve shirts every day to help you resist the urge to turn up the heat. You can look at it as an opportunity to wear that wool sweater your aunt knitted for you two years ago.
Creating a comfortable winter setting in your home doesn’t have to require a great deal of sacrifice.  These simple changes can help you maximize your home’s coziness factor this winter while also helping you save money.

Please also remember to bring your pets inside.


12 thoughts on “Staying Warm And Cozy”

  1. We finally got our "cold" temps here in south central Kentucky. We had a balmy December…but I knew the cold blast would get us sooner or later. We purchased an eden pure heater for our great room…and it does a great job heating the great room and kitchen where we are most of the time. The furnace does not kick on during the day. At night we turn off the heater…then the furnace kicks on from time to time. Having a well insulated house also helps.
    I am under a microfiber blanket while I type from the chair. ha. I know that cold is relative to location…I am hibernating until spring, like the bears. 🙂

  2. HI Sherry, it has been cold. Love your cute photos. My husband does a great job of building a nice fire and then we also have our propane fireplace in the family room. Hope your projects are getting back in order. Linda

  3. I live in NJ and we had unusually warm weather just up until recently. Now its bitterly cold and windy! Now if only it would snow…my kids are waiting! By the way – those photos are just darling!

  4. It's finally cold here in NC. We've had such a warm winter this year. We keep it cold, using a space heater in the living room. I love wearing flannel, socks, sweaters so I'm good bundling up. Now, if only we could get a little bit of snow… just a little.

  5. I love all of those cute puppy pics!!! You are lucky to not have to worry about such severe cold temps where you live. Thanks for the suggestions for the rest of us! Ha!

  6. You have great tips and I envy you being in such a great climate. -5 degrees here in Northwest Illinois tomorrow! We dress warm…slippers are totally necessary. And a good fire. Bake something so that oven gives off heat. Cuddle with your dog. And plan a February trip to Florida!!! 🙂

    Jane x

  7. I'm wondering if this most recent cold snap has found you down in sunny Florida Sherry. It was fun to have a little snow over the weekend but I'm ready for Spring now!
    Take care my friend,

  8. It is weird because for 30 years I was the one who was cold, now it is my hubby:) WE do wear layers and sweaters to keep the heater from running too much and I have a favorite pair of cozy boot slippers that keep my feet toasty! This was a good post. I am jealous of you being in Fl.:):) Can you tell me what part? Stay warm and cozy:):)

  9. That picture of the baby all wrapped up with puppies is darling I love it
    and it's been very cold here in central Missouri, it has warmed up today and we all have spring fever already in January

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