Southern snow day

I am linking up with Kathy at Creative Home Expressions for the weekend snow pictures. We woke Saturday morning here in Virginia to 10 inches of snow.  You must keep in mind I lived in Florida until 13 months ago. This whole snow business is very foreign to me. I never would have thought the whole city would shut down for two days and someone please tell me how you are suppose to drive in this. Because of you snow we had to cancel our holiday party.  I have to admit it is pretty to look at and the grandchildren had a ball sledding in the snow.  A couple of days of snow is fine but now I am over it and need to get my Christmas shopping done.


2 thoughts on “Southern snow day”

  1. Don't feel bad, Sherry ~ I've lived in New York my whole life and still can't drive in it! As I've gotten older, I refuse to and wind up taking vacation or sick days from my day job {like today}. : ) If I had anything to say about it, we'd be moving a bit more south!

    Thanks for visiting my pillow post and your nice comments!

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