Share Your Style Party – my French chairs upholstered

Welcome to the Share Your Style party.
I am excited you are here and I look forward to see what you have to share.
So far this week I posted about finally getting my French chairs upholstered.   It was a long process but they turned out great. 

Slow Cooker Carnitas is one of my families favorite meals and I had to share this delicious recipe with you.

Thanks for dropping by and for your support of our party.  Debra is our host this week so I’ll turn it over to her.



Welcome Friends,
Glad you’re here to Share Your Style!
First, I have 3 great features from last week,
 then please read on, I have a little blogging news.
Nancy from Nancy’s Daily Dish gave us
Rhonda from Ramblings of a Southern Girl shares


Mary Jo from Masterpieces of My Life shows us how
 to take Dollar Tree pumpkins and make them over 4 different ways!
pssst...I think the moss covered ones are my favorite!
And this last week was spent giving
my China Cupboard a Fall Makeover, Here and Here.
and now to my update…
I just wanted to let you all know, this will be my last week co-hosting Share Your Style. Nothing dramatic going on, my health is staying stable, but my life is changing, as it has a habit to do. Traveling with my Hubby and some family things are on the horizon, and I know I need to dedicate more time to those things. I’ll still be posting, I just can’t keep a weekly time schedule. Stepping down frees me up to post when it’s easier, and hopefully no pressure. Don’t worry about me, you all that have been with me over 6 years know I tell it like it is. I hope you’ll still come visit me, and I hope you’ll link up all the fun and inspiration with one of the other seven great bloggers who are still participating in Share Your Style. Thanks to the other co-hosts of Share Your Style! And thanks to all my readers, you know how much I love you guys! OK, hard part done…
So now,
Let’s get on with the party!

5 thoughts on “Share Your Style Party – my French chairs upholstered”

  1. Joy, I hope you will continue to link to the Share Your Style party. Debra will no longer be co-hosting but you can still link up here or with any of the six other host. Hope to see you at next weeks party.

  2. Thanks for clearing up my confusion Sherry. I re-read this posts and yes, it is Debra (not you) who will not be part of the Share Your Style Party. WHEW. Glad you wrote a comment on my blog so I could come back to your post.

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