Preparing For Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew is suppose to hit Florida in a few hours.  The shutters are up,  the courtyard furniture has been stored and the pool furniture was tossed in the pool.
You may have seen the post last week about adding a Mediterranean look to the courtyard.  Well,  it is not so pretty right now.
This isn’t our first rodeo!
In 2004 we were living in our dream beach house when we had a direct hit from Hurricane Ivan.  All infrastructure was washed away, including the roads.  We had built this home four years earlier with all the upgraded hurricane codes and it still had substantial damage.  It took nine months of renovation,  then approximately six weeks after we returned home Hurricane Dennis hit us again.
After the 2nd renovation we decided enough is enough and sold our home.
I bet some of you are wondering why in the world would we eventually move back to Florida. Believe me when I say weeks like this one I wonder myself!  At least this time we are away from the coast living in Central Florida.
Please send positive thoughts our way.

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  1. We have been thinking of and praying for all of you down there. I'm about to go to bed now but every time I wake up, I will say a prayer of protection over you.

  2. Hope you're safe and got through it okay! We're in Fort Myers, so quite far from any of this. We have a bit of wind and some light on and off rain. I lived in So Cal for 30 years and, I must say, I will take a hurricane ANY DAY over an earthquake!!! At least you have knowledge that a hurricane is coming as opposed to an earthquake which just hits you out of the blue!

  3. I hope you are safe and property is ok. I live in Pensacola and understand and live in Florida, we took major damage and were out of our home for more than 8 months during rebuild. We been praying for our family and friends in Central-east side of Florida.

    On a more fun side of life, I love your blog. I own a small Internet store ( and that keeps me busy, So I have Internets "friends" that I follow. Thank your kinds and beautiful ways. I loved your stenciling on the floor of your porch. We 2 had rugs, no longer. I have stenciled before and will have a go at it again. Thanks for the encouragement.
    Jan Marie

  4. Prayers Sherry, you have to be tough to live in a hurricane zone, I never thought of putting pool furniture in the pool, that's pretty brilliant! Hopefully you'll be spared the brunt-

  5. Stay safe Sherry!….Being a former Florida girl I know what you mean…been through many….got an update from my sister who lives in Ocala and getting 50 mph wind gusts….My sister in St. Lucie is thankful that it did not make landfall there…We are thankful for "wide rights" … Still waiting to hear how my niece's house in St. Augustine faired…it is just a couple of miles from the beach….Hope you are not affected when Matthew decides to turn around and pay Florida another visit….The hurricanes are a problem, but you cannot beat the wonderful weather….Sorry to hear about your previous beach home!

  6. I have been subscribed to your blog for a while now but I didn't realize you were in Florida or that you had suffered hurricane damage in the past. We bought our first Florida home a year and a half ago and this was our first interaction with the threat of a hurricane. We are on the gulf coast and don't even have shutters yet. We have the bomb blankets but have discovered that they breakdown over time. Our home is fifteen years old so it does not have the impact glass. Even though things remained calm here in Naples we are already talking shutters and replacing the front door. We are in the beginnings of a major remodel now, so I guess we will have to find room in the budget for shutters too. I was curious, though, when you mentioned throwing your pool furniture in the pool? I had never heard of such a thing. Interesting. I can't imagine being hit twice. I think, minus the lack of shutters, our home is well built also but it is scary to think how quickly it could all be wiped away. Glad you are safe.
    Pamela @Be Colorful Coastal

  7. I'm sure you know all too well how to prepare for these storms. I hope that you stayed safe during the storm. It looked terrible on the news!

  8. I think Florida was lucky with this one. We had to leave the day before the storm for a trip to Europe but felt our new home would survive without us being there. All our new palms had to be straightened after the storm but everything else was OK. I hope you were as lucky.

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