Open House Party

Welcome to the Open House party!
I had a wonderful home for you to tour today.  Notice I
said “had”.   For two days I worked on the party and
then and I ran into a glitch.  Some of the pictures would
not upload.   Rather than give you just a glimpse at this
fabulous home I have decided to wait and try to correct the
problem.  Hopefully we will be touring the home at next
weeks party.
I couldn’t have the party without pictures so I will show you
Part Two of my last post  What A Mess .
Some of you guessed we had sold our home and we were packing for
the move.   Boy,  I wish this was true!  Unfortunately, no contract yet.
Those that guessed we were painting were correct.  Steve and I
decided to have the family room painted a neutral color that matched
the color in the foyer.  Though we liked the coziness of the khaki green,
we wanted to neutralize the room for selling the house.
 You will see there are less accessories and artwork.
The dark rug was removed and a sisal rug added in its place.
We put the window treatments left by the previous owner back up.


The room now looks much larger and brighter.  Keep your fingers
crossed for us that this helps with the sale.
xo, Sherry

61 thoughts on “Open House Party”

  1. Your newly painted room looks wonderful, Sherry. Fingers crossed that you have a buyer soon.

  2. I like what you did with the wall color and your vignettes look lovely.
    Holding thumbs that whatever you wish for your home, will be that.
    Sherry you mentioned a mail to me, but I did not receive any? just saying…
    have a lovely day
    Colette xx

  3. Hi, Sherry

    I love the family room. The color make the room look brighter. Lovely What color did you use? I would love to use this color in my living room? Thanks.


  4. Sherry, your room looks great! I'm a Home Stager and you are so smart to use fewer accessories and lighten the wall color. Unfortunately a lot of homes I go into look like your FIRST picture with the stuff all over! (not the before picture…). Your home will sell quickly I'm sure! Best wishes…XO Cindy

  5. I love the change in paint color, Sherry. Good idea! We had our house on the market for a year and a half and took it off for a breather. We want to move closer to the grandies, but fortunately, they do live in the same town. Good luck with the sale and thanks for hosting. Linda

  6. Love the new lighter color in your family room!!! Keeping my fingers crossed that your house sells soon!!! Thanks for hosting such a wonderful party :o)

  7. My living room is painted the same shade of green you had and I am ready to change it up. I loved the old look of yours, and the new look is refreshing.

    Wishing you all the best in selling your beautiful home, Sherry!


  8. Your room looks lovely, the colors make the gorgeous floor stand out, and boy, look that ceiling! Stunning! I don't know why you are selling your gorgeous home, but good luck, I know how tough this market is these days.

  9. Morning! It's another great day, another great linking party….I linked up my DIY Organic Dishwasher Detergent. It's really easy to make and smells fantastic!
    Thanks for hosting the party once again. Have a great day!

  10. Love your new neutrals,Sherry! The wall color and the new vignettes looking so beautiful! Best wishes for a quick sale soon:)Thanks for hosting!Hugs~Poppy

  11. Hi Sherry,
    I love your beautiful home and the new paint color is wonderful. You really have a knack for accessorizing. I have spotted a lot of things I would love in my home, you have wonderful taste. Best of luck on selling your home. I would think it would go fast, it's gorgeous! xo ~Liz

  12. Sherry… thank you so much for hosting! You are such a lovely host and I always enjoy your blog. Blessings to you on the sale of your beautiful home!

  13. Sherry your house is looking very sale ready! I do love the new wall color. I hope it will sell very quickly for you. I also hope the puter issues (Or whatever they are?) work themselves out so we can see that tour *winks* Thanks again for hosting this lovely party! Vanna

  14. It's beautiful, Sherry!
    That's a great staging color, by the way!
    You have the best accessories, too!
    In God's time, with the house. For you and the new buyer.
    HUGS and blessings to you!
    Thank you for the party, love!

  15. I guess you did the right thing, it is hard for us to believe, but people can not visualize a paint change. I often watch those house hunters shows and people will not look past paint and wallpaper. I bet this does the trick!


  16. Hi Sherry! LOVE, Love what you did with color! Gosh, my eyes really widened, great kudos to you both. I adore the yellow vase. You havegreat style! xo Sunny D

  17. It looks great Sherry. I know it was a lot of work but hopefully it will help your home sell faster though I loved the previous color. Hope your week is going well!

  18. well, I certainly thought the room was pretty before. It does look quite beautiful now too……just a different look…..I do love it though. Very pretty…i can't imagine that someone won't fall in love and want to buy your home…

  19. Sherry your living room looks wonderful and your stamp is still written all over it! very special!

    I am working on a couple of projects I hope to post and link soon!


    Art by Karena

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