Little Projects & A Winner

Hi Everyone.
I have two projects that I did a while ago but never got around to posting.
I have to admit that I am somewhat of a “stick it in the drawer” type of gal.
Our home normally looks clean and organized as long as you don’t
open the drawers.  Am I the only one that has four junk drawers in my
I am always looking for things to help hide organize my junk.  Last year at a garage

sales I found these two pieces for a few dollars that I thought would be perfect for my office/craft room.

The first one got a coat of ivory paint.

I added the numbers using carbon paper and a Sharpie.


My other piece was painted ivory and then I free handed tags and
numbers using a Sharpie.


The silver sugar shaker now holds glitter.  Really easy and cheap projects but they
 give me the extra storage for all my craft stuff.
Thank you to everyone that entered the Shabby Apple giveaway. The winner of the Da Vinci dress is Andie @ Divine TheatreCongrats Andie!

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Please join the Open House link party starting tonight (Wednesday). See you there!

33 thoughts on “Little Projects & A Winner”

  1. Sherry I love you newly finished storage bins, so creative. The new paint and lettering makes all the difference!Congrats to your winner!

    Art by Karena

  2. What?? You only have junk drawers in your kitchen? I have them in every room that has a drawer lol. I have to clean out my kitchen drawers before they come to put in the new granite. I would be sooo embarrassed if someone pulled one open and saw inside. Love your storage, looks great!

  3. Hi Sherry, what great organizers I love how you added the numbers to it! I have 2 junk drawers in my kitchen that I am always trying to keep organized, but with 3 kids constantly in them they don't stay neat to long!! See ya tonight, Martina

  4. Hi Sherry,
    I think your little organizer cabinet looks perfect on your very organized shelf. You have reminded me that I need to get on the stick and get things organized around here! LOL.


  5. Great stuff Sherry! These looks great painted and with the numbers!

    Congrats to Andie…I am so happy she won she deserves a pick me up!!

    Pamela xo

  6. Sherry- Not only do I have junk in my drawers! I have a little extra JUNK IN THE TRUNK if you get my drift. Great looking project! And, congrats to Andie! Hugs-Diana

  7. I love easy and cheap! Your two projects with numbers are adorable! What a great idea to just use carbon paper and a sharpie. I think I have been doing things the hard way 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  8. Congrats to Andie…but I so wanted that dress! Ah well…I guess I'll have to order one for myself! 🙂 Very nice storage pieces! Love how you updated them and made them so cute! We have kitchen junk drawers too…and no matter how often we clean and organize them, they quickly become junked up all over again!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  9. Hi Sherry! Just coming back over to say thank you for linking up this week to Inspiration Friday. I didn't mention it in my first comment above but I totally love the idea of using the silver sugar shaker to hold glitter! 🙂

  10. Hi Sherry,

    Thanks so much for stopping by Lulu's and commenting.

    Keeping a home clean for a showing at any time is such work! The last house that we sold, was gone in less than six weeks – so this long time on the market is new for us. Discouraging, to say the least. Hopefully the market in your area is better than it is in ours

    I'm a long time reader/lurker of your blog! I'm so far behind on reading because of Round Top, but I can't wait to sit and read for a spell!


  11. Sherry,
    I love that you have glitter in an old silver salt shaker! That is too cool. very cute makeovers. Thanks for linking it up!

  12. The salt shaker/ glitter shaker is a really awesome idea! I'm sure it only throws out a little at a time, too, which is perfect for little hands. Love it!

    Hopping by from the Creative Bloggers Hop.

  13. Sherry,

    Thank you for dropping by our blog again and becoming a follower! We are so excited and honored to have you join us!

    Storage is such an issue for crafters. I love your ideas, especially the idea of adding the decorative numbers. They look great! I'm going to be on the lookout for some pieces like yours!


  14. Hi Sherry, visiting from the hop, I was already a follower here.yay! I love this project and the fact that you used carbon paper. I just found a whole bunch at a womens house while picking up some treasures. Now I have an idea what to do with it. lol

    Lucky 7 Design

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