French Grape Harvesting Hod

Is there something you have wanted for a really long time and just can’t get the item out of your head?

That thing for me was an antique grape hod (or hotte).  I drove my husband and friends crazy for years looking for one. Every time we drove past an antique shop I would say ” STOP, MAYBE THEY HAVE A HOD”.  I asked my friends all over the country to look for me one.  Most of them had no idea what I was even talking about.  I searched flea markets, vintage shows and Ebay regularly.  I even contacted a metal shop and sent pictures asking if they could make me one.

Over the years I did find a few.  There was one hanging on the wall of  a house in a local Homarama. It was owned by the designer and she would not to sell it.   There was a very beat up one at an antique shop that looked like a truck run over it and I found a couple on-line that were outrageously priced.

When we pulled into the Fancy Flea parking lot last week my first words to Steve were “keep your eyes open for a grape hod”.   He had only heard those same words a million times but being the patient man he is has never complained.

We strolled through the market and in the next to the last row I spotted the item of my obsession.  I knocked down a display trying to get to it quickly.  When I looked at the price I squealed and grabbed the hod and hugged it.  I would have hugged the vendor too but she didn’t look very happy about me messing up one of her displays!

The price?  Let’s just say it was less than dinner for four at Chili’s.

Isn’t she a beauty?

Here are a few examples of  antique Grape Hods I found on line.

One Kings Lane $1200
Gorsuch $1995
Ebay  $1399
Ebay  $1200
These are all 18th Century antiques from France that have been painted with the names, and sometimes crest, of  French  Wineries.
The hods had leather straps on the back and these would be worn by the workers harvesting the grapes.  They could lean over and dump the grapes without taking it off their back.  Eventually they began using woven baskets instead of the heavy metal basket.
Hods are still used today in small vineyards but they are now made of canvas or plastic.
One obsession down and 231 to go!
  Is there that one thing you just can’t get out of your mind?
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21 thoughts on “French Grape Harvesting Hod”

  1. What a fabulous find!!! I had no idea that is what those were called….I love the history :o) I obsess over lots of things…just ask my husband, he can tell you all about it! LOL I always have a list a mile long of things I look for when we go junking.

  2. Hi Sherry! I love your grape harvesting hod I admit I didn't know what they were but now I know and you have caused me to add another thing to my "want" list!!!
    Are you guys coming to D for the holidays?

  3. How awesome, Sherry! I've never seen a grape hod but I love the one you found. That vignette looks great. Haha 231 more to go, yep, sounds about right. Have a great week.
    Rita C at Panoply

  4. Oh, I just LOVE it! I saw one once used on a fireplace hearth in a model home (a very expensive model home done in a country French style). I remember loving it sitting on the stone hearth. Yours is beautiful. Sounds like you got a great deal too.

  5. I was just looking these up earlier today before I went into my nighttime blog reading ritual… Yours is beautiful and at such a bargain too! Enjoy it for all of us!

  6. Well you had not found any up to this point because the one for you was waiting for you at the right place and right time!!….It is a beauty!!!…and cannot believe that it was so inexpensive…Great find..I am sure you are still very giddy about your find!!

  7. I had no idea what those lovely containers were called. Thanks for a little lesson Sherry. I'll have to keep my eye out for one now. Who knows if I'll ever see one…but the hunt is always so fun.

    Sherry…I really love the blue coloring of yours and I'm so happy that you were able to get something you always wanted.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your magnificent find with us at Project Inspire{d]!!

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