Gray Willow – a little antiquing and shopping

I hope everyone had a good weekend.
 Hubby and I did a little antiquing and shopping on Saturday, then ended our
day out with a fabulous Italian dinner.
We bought this very large willow trunk at Hobby Lobby.  Actually, this is the
third time we have bought this same basket.
We bought two of these baskets last year while vacationing in Florida and left them at
our son’s house.  Our plan was to use them as end tables when we moved to the area.
My son and DIL fell in love with these baskets and their local store no longer carries them.
I knew from our conversations it was going to be a battle to get them back.
 Yesterday when I saw another of these trunks I grabbed it quickly.  Now I just need
to find one more so they can keep the other two!
The trunk has found a temporary home under the table.  Can you see how
large this thing is?  Love it!
Did you notice the plaster capital in the center of the table?  I had been looking
for a antique capital for quite a while with no luck.  I think Steve got tired of
hearing about it and decided to buy this one from Ballards for me.  I had no idea
he was looking at my catalogs,  it was a total surprise that he would order this.
The armillary was a $5.00 garage sale find last summer and the $2.00 demi-john  on
the right was one of my luckiest Goodwill finds.
Gotta run…on my way to another Hobby Lobby to look for another trunk.

56 thoughts on “Gray Willow – a little antiquing and shopping”

  1. You have great luck with these kind of finds! I love the look of the whole table, and the fact that your hubby picked through your catalogs is fantastic. Definitely hold onto him! 🙂

  2. Sherry, I don't blame your son and DIL for wanting the trunk baskets. I LOVE hamper/trunk style baskets, and what a great look under your table. Who would have thought Hobby Lobby?
    I can't believe your awesome find of the demijohn at GW, either. Wow, it's gorgeous.
    Hope you have a great week,

  3. I LOVE that grey trunk style basket! I remember seeing those at Hobby Lobby last year and really loved it. I just didn't have a place for it, or I would've bought it too. I still wish I had a place for it. I love how you put it under your console table like that. I can't believe you bought one of those giant demi-john bottles at GW for just $2! I don't think they had any idea what they truly had. I also don't understand how someone could just donate something that nice. I would've at least tried to sell it!

  4. Oh I love that trunk Sherry!!! I need to find one too!! We just finally got a Hobby Lobby not too far from here in California- I wondered what you guys were talking about all this time!! Will have to stop in sometime and take a look for one of these!

  5. Oh the $2 demi-john is absolutely one of the bestest bargains evah!!!! Lucky, lucky you. And love your basket, too. I've painted an inexpensive basket trunk to age it a bit, but I think it needs some leather straps like yours to make it look even better. Great look, all!!! hugs, Sue

  6. I ditto all the previous comments! I'll have to check our HL in Lexington nest time I'm there for that basket. Of course, the demi-john is an unbelievable find.

  7. I ditto all the previous comments! I'll have to check our HL in Lexington nest time I'm there for that basket. Of course, the demi-john is an unbelievable find.

  8. Ok… looks like I'm going to have to make a Hob Lob run this week, Sherry! I LUV LUV LUV that huge basket! It's sooooo French!!! I can see it filled with white, chunky blankets spilling over the sides…..mmmmmm!!!! Yup. HL run for sure….. lol!

    xoxo laurie

  9. What a fabulous find! I had no idea HL carried these…I will have to check mine and see if they have any left?!?!? Your hubby sounds like such a sweetie too :o)

  10. Love the trunk..especially where you placed it. There is great shopping in Florida!..If you ever get that way, try Reningers Antique market in Mt. Dora..wonderful place and their February antique fair is enormous..It takes you 3 days to go through it!

  11. What a great nook you've created there Sherry. It's lovely. The basket is a great find and I can't believe you scored that demi-john for so cheap!! I've been wanting to order that Ballard capital for the longest time. Probably will be discontinued by the time I get around to it!

  12. Sherry,
    I love your wicker trunk. I bought one similar from Ikea and use it as a coffee table in front of a love seat. They are so practical and yours seems to have some detailing that mine lacks. Good luck on your search for one more.

  13. Hope you find another trunk that matches, what a great idea to use them as end tables, that should look great. So nice of yur hubby to surprise you with that piece.
    Good going guy!!

    It is really a neat basket I have to say, and you are probably gonna get used to it being there and want a 3rd one!! lol

    Have a great day,
    Blesssings, Nellie

  14. Hope you find another basket. They should give you a discount for free advertising. I like your capital and armillary too. Great GW find.$2.00 is amazing.

  15. Love the look – so Pottery Barn! I would be stressed if I knew I was going to be moving all that pretty stuff….I hate moving! But at least you're headed to a warm climate!

  16. Hi……I have been a fan of Annie Sloan paint UNTIL…..I saw your blog post about the home-made versions! Well……I tried the unsanded grout but never could get it smooth enough to paint with:( Now I am looking for Calcium Carbonate….but NO LUCK! I tried the local GNC but they only have it in capsule form. The feed store has it in pellet form. Can't find a powder form:( Can you help? Where did you get yours and was it hard to get the paint smooth?

  17. The HL basket looks right at home under the table, it beautifully accents your pretty vignette! And I love your new plaster capital,such a darling husband!I love decorating with capitals and yours look fabulous on the table. Thanks for letting us take a peek and for the party.Hugs~Poppy

  18. Love the gray willow! I only wish we had a Hobby Lobby near here!
    I'm wishing you luck in finding another one so those kids of yours can keep the others *winks*
    What a STEAL on the demijohn!! Oohhh I'm jealous about that one … the nicest kind of way *winks*
    Beautiful vignette Sherry! And how sweet of your hubby to find you a display capitol! He's a keeper for sure! Vanna

  19. Hello Sherry! Believe it or not I just found your blog and LOVE it!! Your home is gorgeous!! You found those trunks at Hobby Lobby? I am running to our store next weekend to look for one (do you want me to look for one for you too?!) And where did you find that mirror? I love it. I just noticed too that you have a link party, I will be sure to join.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend,

  20. That basket is so awesome. I really love where you put it. If it's any consolation, I would have done the same thing to my mom if she found such wonderful baskets. I would love for you to share your fabulous post at our What's it Wednesday linky party.


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