Please Don’t Hate Me!

I was over by our Goodwill Outlet store on Friday and decided to venture in and buy some books to rip the covers off.  All hardback books are 50 cents and they normally have quite a few old books.  If you have never been in a Goodwill Outlet store it is quite an experience…one that I don’t repeat often!   The good news is that all household items are 59 cents per pound.  The bad news is the bins are full of broken glass and trash that you have to dig through.  Not my idea of a fun time!

As soon as I walked into the outlet I saw five Delft tiles laying on one of the tables.  If you have read my blog, even for two seconds, you know how much I love anything blue and white.  I grabbed the tiles and started walking to the book section.

 That’s  when I saw it!  My heart
started racing.  I knew I had to grab
 it before anyone else did.  What was
something like this doing in GW?
Were my eyes deceiving me?
 I ran frantically to the other side of the warehouse, grabbed my treasure and headed immediately to the cashier.  I was so afraid someone would tell me it wasn’t for sale or that it was already spoken for. I laid the delft tiles on the scale and all five tiles cost a grand total of 90 cents.  Then the cashier looked at my large treasure and said she didn’t need to weigh it and … how about $2.00? 
I almost peed in my pants!!

So you want to see what I got for $2.90?


Yes, a gorgeous hand blown demijohn in perfect condition for $2.00!!  Wahoo!
Hey, maybe I need to frequent the outlet more often.
A few days ago I showed you pictures of  Antiquing On The Gulf Coast  with all the glorious demijohns for sale.  I have a very large one I bought years ago at Smith’s Antiques before they became so expensive.  I have also collected others at various places and I would have loved to take one of these home from this trip but not at $125 and up.  Now I am so glad I didn’t buy one.
Here is my new 29″ bottle with a couple others from my collection.
Please don’t hate me. I inherited the gene of finding great bargains from my dad.  He was an antique dealer and as a child we always went to flea markets, estate sales and garage sales where dad would bring home all these fabulous treasures.  Thanks Dad!

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  1. Wow!!! Fantastic finds. Don't you love coming across something truly grand at a thrift shop. I love antiques and I'm always amazed what people will donate to a Good Will, Salvation Army, or garage sale. However, I suppose it's a wonderful hunt for those of us who appreciate jewels and a good bargain. I love the new tiles. Congrats on your new treasures.


  2. Ooooooooooo! No you didn't! Please forgive me for being a little green with envy! lol Wowsers! I cannot believe my eyes! I continue to be amazed at what people give away…but this absolutely takes the cake! I crown you queen of the thrifting finds for the century! Congratulations, Sherry, on an amazing find! Happy week!…hugs…Debbie
    PS Goodwill OUTLET stores? Why didn't I know about them??? Off to google….

  3. Hi Sherry,
    I'm so happy for you! It isn't very often that you fnd something that wonderful or, something that you love at such a great price. Your glassware is very pretty.


  4. Sherry, I do hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I just got good deals this weekend. I paide $65 for a green large demijohn and $65 for a huge one with the wicker on it and two more bottles I picked up, too. I will show then when life gets normal again.

    You lucky girl!!!!

  5. As if the $25 olive jar wasn't enough. It's too late. I hate you. I paid about $90 for mine and thought that was a decent deal. So, does this lucky streak ever rub off on your shopping companions? If it does, sign me up.

    You should rename your blog "Shut The Front Door!". Because that's what we all say when we come here.

  6. No hatein here! I love hearing about stories like this! Congrats to you! You just never know what you might come across at GW or any of these thrift stores do you? I'm not familiar with a GW Outlet store. OMG! That's a whole new concept to me I've never even considered. Wow! Congrat's again, that's one fine looking demijohn! Can I have it? LOL!!!! :)))

  7. Your post just totally cracked me up!! Congratulations on a wonderful find. It's the best feeling, isn't it? That's how I felt when I found a Francis I sterling silver candy dish at GW for 99 cents, seriously. It was listed on Ebay for $450! Let's keep the good bargain karma going!
    Cheers, Andrea

  8. Hot dang how that was a great fine. I would have peed my pants too. I don't go to GW often preferring the treasures at the local Salvation Army but I have to admit that is one great bargain and I am totally pea green with envy.

  9. Can I High-Five you through the computer?!!! OMgosh- what a fabulous find!! I love demi-john bottles! I have a huge one (though paid a bit more than your $2;) stored in the attic to make into a barn lamp!

  10. Congrats!!

    We too have an outlet near us and like you say it's not for cissy's! Dirty and a lot of digging, but I found one of my most beautiful silver trays there as well as some other great treasures.

    Thank goodness for GW.

  11. Sherry,
    Guess we're all a little "green" with envy.
    Do they ever have silver trays there? ? ? That's one of my many weaknesses! HA! Thank you for showing us we all have a human side. . .and not to take ourselves too seriously!

  12. Sherry, You DO have the shopping gene!! What a bargain you found, it's a gorgeous bottle! Thank you for all your sweet comments, I promise I don't have a big head, just a lot of junk I love to move around!!!
    love ya,

  13. Sherry Girl,

    I TRIED to respond last nite, so HOPE you get this! Ackk! My old computer is ready to go to that Great Microsoft playground in the sky!

    Anyway,,,,,I KNOW how much you love BLUE and well, we had the convo that I don't "DO" Blue, LOL, andI have this old Tin?,,,,it was my Grandmothers. I think it held tea at one point in time but not sure! It's certainly worn/distressed, but I thought you might like it….I'd gladly send it to you if you email me your address. (
    I'd like to think it would go to a "good home!"

    The tiles DO remind me of visiting my wonderful Dutch Family! And my "Oma" (the one I got the tin from) was my "mostest favoritist" person in the whole world!

    So, if you want it,,,,I'd love to send it to someone that would appreciate it!Just email moi.

    Hugs and Love,

    (Ugggh,,I'm almost physically Ill getting ready for my FIRST Show this week(end). I just want to do it RIGHT!)

  14. Hey Sherry, Great find! Those seem to be so popular in the french decorating schemes. What a find! the shop on 360? I used to find the best buys at the old Salvation Army on 60 but they closed it up and reopened along with the newer GW and I rarely ever find anything "good" anymore. I was just there last week and only found some little glass cocktail sauce containers. BUT I keep looking. Love my treasure hunts! xoxo Lynn
    P.S. what a gorgeous kitchen you have.

  15. I've heard rumors about those GW outlets, but I don't think they have any around here. I think you got the deals of the century there!

  16. Hi Sherry, thanks so much for "following" my blog! I'm thrilled that you found me via Cote de Texas.

    Now I've discovered your lovely blog. LOVE the title of your blog! So apropos for so many of us.

    I look forward to "chatting" with you in the future!


  17. Some people are just gifted with the know how and when to shop at Goodwill. I no doubt go on the wrong days. I never seem to find these kind of goodies.

  18. I would have bought the tiles, but I don't know anything about demijohns so I probably would have ignored that. It looks much more interesting when it is displayed with the others.

  19. Well, I feel kinda dumb because I have no idea what a demijohn is or what it was used for. But I can definitely identify with your excitement over your treasure, and it is beautiful, even if I don't know anything about them. Off to wikipedia! Cheers!

  20. Wow, this is my first time stublin' across your blog, and I am SO jealous! I love those green bottles. If I had been at that Goodwill, I'd have raced across the store and snapped them up too! You got a fabulous deal! The tiles are beautiful too. I'm not really a blue person, but I would have bought the tiles and figured out somewhere to use them, somehow. Great finds!
    I'm going to be your newest follower too!
    If you'd like to visit, I'd love to have you stop by

  21. As soon as I saw the thumbnail of your demijohn at Debra's I rushed right over. You better be careful you don't end up on the Post Office wall as "most wanted" for steal of the day!

  22. Wow, Wow, Wow, what a find. Yup, you should go to that Goodwill store more often. One never knows what one might find. You just proved that.
    Congrats on the fantastic find.
    Thanks for sharing.

  23. I LOVE the local Goodwill outlet. Yes, you do have to go preparred for a little skankiness but there are some great treasures to be had for sure! High five!!!

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