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I hope you had a great weekend!
We had another showing of our house this weekend   That meant spending Saturday morning cleaning
at warp speed.  There have been no offers so far and this house selling is driving me crazy.  We clean the house spotless, just for someone to walk through and be out in less than ten minutes.  The gentleman
that looked at our house Saturday had more than a dozen other homes to look at over the weekend.
The competition is fierce in Richmond…uuggh!
I am really TRYING to take the attitude of  “it will sell when the time is right”
  All I can say is the right time better get here soon!
I have to keep a sense of humor about the selling process and finding these photos did make me giggle.
There are actual pictures posted by real estate agents to the MLS.
Hmmm,   I wonder if these homes have sold?
Home security system? 
I can just imagine the owner vacuuming his collection.
Is the rest of the elephant on the other side of the wall?  
I’ve seen bear skin rugs but what’s up with the bear on the ceiling?
This bedroom has a lot of leg room to stretch out.
What was this realtor thinking?
Notice the ankle bracelet?
Don’t bother getting up.
Last but not least is my favorite photo. 
Why am I driving myself crazy trying to keep our house clean?

Can you believe these photos were actually posted on the MLS?
On to happier thoughts..
Tracy at  Screaming Sardine is doing a feature on me today.  If you want to see my husband’s
pet name for me, or the strange thing I can not eat without peanut butter, then head over to
check out the interview. 
Tracy, Thank you for including me in your blog series!

Hugs ,


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  1. oh, I don't envy you! I detested selling our home, although we totally lucked out and sold it in 6 wks. I especially hated it when people would provide negative feedback and be so rude, rather than just saying it wasn't for them! Sending home selling thoughts your way!

  2. It is a tough market out there and these photo's aren't going to help much, would it have been to mush trouble to have said, MOVE OVER PLEASE? Or better yet, GET THE HELL OUT OF THE PICTURE? Go figure. good luck, I would say, keep cleaning, will make a difference sooner or latter. Especially the price. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  3. Sherry,
    Thanks for the laugh…these pics are just too funny!!! With Mr.CC being a realtor we are both always laughing at other realtors pics…what are they thinking is so right. Come by and see who WON my giveaway…any guesses? Please e-mail me your full name and address so I can pass it on to Debbie.


  4. Oh my Sherry, I went through a year of he*l selling my house and, like you, it was immaculately clean and "picture perfect". Real estate agents can be pretty dense sometimes. xo

  5. Oh my goodness, I cannot even believe that these were on an MLS listing!

    I feel your pain! When we moved to VA in 2007, and we had to for work, our house in FL was on the market for 18 months! We left all of the furniture there and we lived in our house in VA in two rooms. People offered to buy our furniture our artwork and even our clothes. We did get offers but they were so rediculous we did not even entertain them. After 6 months we told the realtor NOT to call us for anything but a sale. And she did not. In the meantime, we had to pay electric, home security, water, heat, yard person, taxes and all sorts of other bills on two houses. That was the most stress I have ever been under…we could not do or make plans for a year and a half. And to make matters worse we bought at the height of the market in VA!!!

    The good news in that the market is better now! Your house is stunning and the right buyer will come along soon.

  6. As a pro stager, I've seen some pretty shocking things but that last one takes the cake. 2nd dirtiest, most cluttered house I ever did belonged to a broker! The worst one took 2 people 2weeks and a full sized dumpster! Your house will sell.

  7. I have spent some time browsing through the MLS listing looking at up country properties, and I thought it was just that area. Wow….how do they expect to sell? It it a inexperienced realtor? Or the client doesn't care?

    It's funny, and it's just down right sad.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  8. Hoping to market ours in spring/early summer. Our plan was for three years ago. We are a tad behind. Not many for sale in our subdivision..one or two.

    I'm sending your link to a couple of friends. I am gobsmacked by these images, LOL!

  9. I laughed until I cried!!! The one that did it for me was the dog doing his business on the lawn and then the person still sleeping in the bed. Your commentary was the best part! It is shocking to think these are real pictures.

  10. None of those are YOUR house, right? Bwhahahaha! House sales are tight all over…and it is even harder to keep everything perfect when you know how much competition there is out there. UGH- xo Diana

  11. You think some of these if not all could use some help? OMG……unreal! Its not easy selling a home and having to open up your most personal spaces to a perfect stranger. I am sending you my "sell a home quick" karma your way!!

  12. The photos you shared had me laughing out loud, Sherry. Each one got worse. What is going thru the minds of the realtors taking those pictures and posting them!?!

    Good luck with the sale. It's very hard. I'm in the process of it right now. I'm fortunate in that I'm in the oil patch of Inbredville…er…North Dakota, so housing is non-existent. People are renting rooms for $1500 a WEEK. Unfortunately, it was still hard to sell my home due to everyone moving here with no credit, poor credit, or not being on the job for the two years that the banks often require.

    Finally got someone to buy, but he calls me 7 times a day, asking me out, demanding that I give him the deed to the house before closing, harassing me, etc. It's been a nightmare. Waiting on the seller of the house I purchased to give the final docs to the title company. Closing was supposed to be last week, and the wait and no word on when they'll finally send over the final paper work is like Chinese water torture…esp. when the buyer of my house keeps harassing me.

    Sigh…sorry, didn't mean to write a book here – lol!

    Anyway, hang in there.

    Thanks also for the shout out of the interview. Have a great week, Sherry!

    Tracy Screaming Sardine

  13. Hi Sherry,
    I can feel your pain. We have not had any offers either. We've been on the market for nearly six months and I'm ready to give up!
    We clean, we fluff, we do and do and still no offers. I'm getting really tired.
    These pictures are really something. I can't believe that anyone would want to look at some of those places! LOL!
    I'm trying to keep my sense of humor about selling but it's getting harder all the time.

    Here's hoping you sell yours soon.


  14. I know, it is amazing what they put online, Sherry! I actually had my realtor come back after I cleared off the counters in the kitchen and bathrooms because she caught me unawares the first time she came. Competition was fierce by us, too. Dropping the price brought more people through and got us the offer we accepted. With 100 houses in our town, some newer houses, on the market at the same time, we bit our tongues and dropped the price.

  15. This is so funny, But you are right we at least the ladies I know drive ourselves crazy making sure that everything is just right. There are a lot of people in the world just like these pictures….Glad I'm NOT one of them…thanks for sharing…

  16. I guess the guy with the ankle bracelet comes with the property, huh?

    Thanks, but no thanks! These pictures were a scream!

    Either way, good luck and best wishes trying to find a buyer at the moment. We gave up and we're staying here, hence the decor blog.

  17. I wouldn't think those pics truly helped sell the home. If they did, then the house was bought someone that was going to leave it in a similar condition. Ugh! Best wishes on the home selling thing. One of our neighbors is moving and where we are the market is over saturated with homes and it is frustrating for her as well.

  18. Oh My! That is just plain weird! They must not be worried about selling it much or they are trying to sell it to another type of "element"…if you know what I mean. Hope your home sells soon if you are in a hurry…it is just going to take the "right" buyer!~Hugs, Patti

  19. Those photos are amazing! Our house is on the market too, and we haven't had a showing in 2 months! No one seems to be looking right now at our price range! 🙁 I am hating it but just keep trying to remind myself that it will happen one day!

  20. omg… I have no words!!

    fingers crossed on selling your house. It is always so emotionally hard. Have you planted a St.Joseph statue- unsidedown as I recall? We did and then planted one here when we were trying to buy:) (the house was empty)!


  21. Oh my goodness – I can't figure out which one is the most outrageous! Hard to believe that a realtor would take pictures like these, much less post them on mls! Take care.

  22. Sherry, I am in shock!! Oh.my.goodness. We have had our house on the market for 18 months. The listing expired a couple of weeks ago and we are trying to decide whether to list it again. All we want to do is move closer to our kids and grands. The good news is that we are in the same city…..just 1 hour apart. I can't complain. Linda

  23. I would love to buy a house that used to have a criminal living in it. Selling a house is not fun. I hated to have to keep the house spic and span 24 hours a day. Good luck though!

  24. Just the thought of going through that again makes me soooooo tired!

    Those MLS photos are unbelievable…and hilarious (or really so sad!)

    Wishing you all the best! 😉

  25. Sherry! I was just popping over to see if you moved to Florida yet, and I see this blog post. OMG! EW! Who took those photos, who agreed to let the realter put those on the internet and what were they thinking? Ankle bracelet and the dog.. not to mention the mountain of nasty.. holy camoli! LOL

    Hope everything is good for you, and I hope you're able to sell soon!

  26. Humor is required when your house is on the market. It is tough in all the ways you and your commentors mentioned. I know because my house has been on the market for way longer than I want to say and I have lived through all the struggles you mentioned. The worst is when you knock yourself out to have everything spotless, leave the house to give them freedome to explore, come back an hour later only to find out they were a no-show.

  27. You are lying! I canNOT believe these photos! HILARIOUS! I wish you luck as well. My step-daughter and her hubby were just lucky enough to be able to sell their home quickly in Richmond. I hope you have the same luck! Love, Me

  28. Absolutely hysterical. You had fun with this post, I can tell! I will keep my fingers crossed for an offer asap! Hey, have you buried a statue of St. Joseph upside down in your yard to speed the sale of your house? It's worth a try!

  29. I was just passing by and thought id stop to say hello. I'm checking new blogs today, and i hope you folks are enjoying the fall weather like we are having here in Pennsylvania. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon county.

  30. OH.MMMMM.GEEEE! Those pics are hysterical … I, too, can't believe they were actually posted on MLS! If someone purchased the home with the ankle bracelet fella, I guess he'd have to be your new housemate as he can't leave! LOL.

  31. Wow at some of these photos! Those people have balls to post that on MLS. I wouldn't be able to even step in that house with all those animals I'd be scared that they'd come to life somehow. And the one with all the trash….Anyway I hope you sell your house soon!

  32. Oh I think I need to take a shower after looking at those! lol Wicked funny – thanks for the giggle! 😉

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