Copy Cats

I have always wondered if the buyers for home decor catalogs read our blogs.  I think it is very likely they do read and sometimes copy our projects.   A couple of days ago I received a catalog from  Home Decorators Collection  and I was pleasantly surprised with their new collection.  Check this out…anything look familiar?


Pillow $34


Grey Willow Basket
I know..I know I said no more purchases but I just had to have this cute tote bag.
The other side has the same print as the bee pillow above.
Magnetic chalkboard tags.
This shutter bulletin board would be an easy project.
I believe I have all the materials to copy this.
Looks like Home Decorators Collection will be giving Pottery Barn and Ballard’s
a run for their money. I like to have a few of the current fads in my house
but I don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that may be out in style
 in a couple of years. The shutter bulletin board was the only thing I showed
you that cost more than $50.00
I have no affiliation with this company.. they don’t even know I exist.
 ( Of course I would be happy to accept a small token of their appreciation..LOL)
 I just wanted to pass on these cute things to my friends.

7 thoughts on “Copy Cats”

  1. I used to get that catalog but since I never ordered anything I stopped getting it. They had some really nice things, some a little pricey, but all in all, a great place to get inspiration.


  2. I used to get that catalog but have not in a while. They have some lovely French porter's chairs that match the one I have in my library.
    I am happily surprised that they are selling these little trendy pieces!

  3. I love the shutter/bulletin board. I sold an old shutter with great patina recently and suggested chicken wire at the top (and mini clothesline to clip things).

    Happy shopping!

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