Chandelier Before And After

The previous owners of our house had splurged on many upgrades.  Lighting was not one of those!  I knew every single chandelier,  hall light, ceiling fan, and bathroom light had to go.  Changing thirteen light fixtures is not cheap and I had to get resourceful.  Now there are only twelve more to go…uugh.

I found this chandelier at Home Depot where it had been discontinued and reduced significantly.  It
has a woodgrain look, though a very strange orangecolor,  like many of the more expensive chandeliers and I knew some paint and Liming wax could pretty it up.


Here are the before and after pictures.
I’ll be back to tell you how I got this look with paint, Liming Wax and $2.99 craft supplies.
I can’t let you leave without showing you a close up of the vintage CREAM bowl filled with
marble eggs.

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29 thoughts on “Chandelier Before And After”

  1. Hi Sherry! Oh, you're good. The chandy looks so nice. That's an awesome task trying to find just the perfect light fixtures. We've just moved too and this house was stuck in the 80s with the wallpaper and paint to match. There's a chandy in my dining room that looks like a disco ball with crystals! 🙂 Love what you're doing.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  2. Hi Sherry, welcome to Florida your home look beautiful I love the look on your chandelier I going to look on my HD to see if the have one here in Miami
    what color and wax you used

  3. Well, that light looks perfect now. I have painted lots of light fixtures over the years…it is one way to get what you really WANT without the price of a custom ordered fixture.

    Good job AND I LOVE that cream bowl filled with those eggs. xo Diana

  4. Isn't amazing what a little paint and wax will do. I have 5 chand's that I did that to.
    Your's turned out so well – great job.
    Love looking at the sale items – you find some great finds, sometimes.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. I didn't think it looked bad to begin with, but I do love what you've done to it! I would love to replace some light fixtures in my home with chandys but have to convince the husband first. Sounds like you got a great deal, good luck on all the rest:)

  6. Sherry it is beautiful!! What a great improvement. I can't wait to learn your technique.

    You whole room is so inviting and the bowl of marble eggs…sweet. Though I'm thinking it might take two people to lift the bowl. 😉 Maybe?

    Thanks so much for sharing your Great Idea with us here at Project Inspire{d}!

  7. I love your decor in that room the blue and white and all the ironstone with the names on it like your Cream bowl
    and the chandelier is so much better suited to your lovely room now
    Love it all

  8. Gosh, I missed seeing this post so I'm glad that you did a recap so I could find it. I had the same problem with finding drops to help make a chandy look more antique. I wondered how those little dodads from the craft store would look and now (thanks to you) I know that it would work!

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