Antique Pickling Jars from Pottery Barn

 If you have been antiquing lately you have probably seen these old pickling jars.  They seem to be the rage right now and even Pottery Barn is selling them as “found” objects for $179.00.   I was in an antique mall a few months ago and these jars were EVERYWHERE.  I bet twenty dealers had them in their booths.  Some said they were French and some dealers said they were from Hungary.  I don’t know which is correct but at $149 for the large one I knew they were not coming home with me!
Pottery Barn
I have always had a thing for old jars so of course I loved these… but not the price.
While out junkin with my friend Lynn from The Vintage Nest  I found these two large vintage jars.  No,  they are not the same as the pickling jars but they do have the bubbles and old wavy glass that I love.  They are even larger than the PB ones and cost just pennies compared to theirs.


I have them on top of a antique pine dresser and filled with clock faces and vintage books.
If you do want the real thing I found an on-line shop that sells the large jars for $90.00.  This is the least expensive I have found.  You can find the ones below at  Debra Hall Lifestyle.
Of course,  if you are cheap like me you can check out thrift stores and antique malls for similar jars.
I like my two just fine for $5.00 each!
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48 thoughts on “Antique Pickling Jars from Pottery Barn”

  1. Hi Sherry,
    I like your version best. Pottery Barn is just crazy on some of their prices. At least now, I know what an antique pickling jar is!


  2. Sherry, in several decades I have never seen these in France. The French use ones like the brand l'Ideal or Parfait and other unmarked ones that tend to be slightly green. I'm betting these are Eastern European, as that area has now been raided for linens. They sure are pretty, but that's out of my range too!!

  3. You found some nice jars and displayed them so well!!! I also have a thing for old jars and bottles. I have never seen those pickling jars before and wonder if they had some sort of lid?? I have many from the 1800's and they are nothing like those….you did well to pass those up!!!

  4. $5 EACH?? That's got to the the steal of the year! I love the clock faces in your jar. I actually bought three jars just like the PB ones this summer–I paid $100 total, and thought that was a pretty good deal…until now!

  5. Hi Sherry, These are wonderful, I don't think I've seen many of the Pickling Jars, but I can imagine the hefty price tag. Yours look perfect with all the goodies in them! thanks for linking up to the party, xoxo

  6. Looks like you "found" a deal on your jars and they look great with your clock faces,vintage books and spools of yarn. Way to shop!

  7. Hi Sherry!
    Love what you did with your jars.
    They can be pricey but thanks for the market update! Just what I needed.
    I love old battery jars. Have a few and love their square and rectangular shapes.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. I like how you used your jars. Placing collections of things in them is a fun way to display them. I really like the one with the clock faces!

  9. oh sherry, i have several of your $5 jars and never thought to use them as "display" cases. great idea and i agree that $149 is way too much to pay for old glass!

  10. Hi Sherry,
    I like the jars but agree 100% with you…the price seems ridiculous. I like your substitute jars and the price is certainly right!

  11. I've noticed those jars, too. I've found some similar to them…but I really had to look around to find them. I don't understand why they are priced so high, either! You got some beautiful ones. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I love the jars you found. They look great with the clock faces and books in them. I too love old jars, there is so much you can do with them. Although I wouldn't pay a really high price for them either.

  13. What a great find, Sherry. Some of the prices are just out of sight, and so are most of the reproductions! I think anytime you find something that satisfys your objective, it works. You have such great style and your bottles look terrific!

    Thank you for sharing this creative and informative post at Potpourri Friday. I appreciate your participation!

  14. Hi there! Thanks for the mention of m pickling jars in your post at Debra Hall Lifestyle! I just became a follower of yours and had no idea you had mentioned me your post!! LOve your blog….
    Thanks again… 😉

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