A Painful And Expensive Few Weeks

Sorry, this is not a post about pretty decor or impressive projects.
This is real life.
You know how they say bad things come in threes?


If the last few weeks are any indication I am dreading the third event!
First,  I starting having terrible cramps and extreme pain in my legs.  I went to two different doctors who tested for blood clots, lack of vitamins and minerals, arthritis ect ect ect.  Nothing was found so
I was hurried out the door with nothing but a pain pill prescription and told to get rest.   Now, I am not one to accept just covering the pain with pills and I sure don’t have the time to rest.  Steve suggested that next I see a Chiropractor.
Lo and behold x-rays show I had broken one of my vertebrae (no clue how) and it is pressing on my sciatic nerve causing the leg pain. OUCH! Now I go to the Chiropractor 3x per week and he is trying to move the broken bone back in place and off the nerve.  Surgery may still be required if the vertebrae does not heal.


To add to my dismay, I lost a cap and then found out the tooth was cracked beyond repair.  The
only solution was to have it removed and place an implant.  That would be all fine and dandy but there wasn’t enough bone for the implant.  The bone graft was done and now I wait 4-6 months for the bone to graft before they put in the implant.
In the meantime I have a gaping hole where my tooth was and I am $6000 poorer!  Can you
believe one little tooth can cost that much?I am trying really hard to be the girl that thinks the glass is half full but the worrier in me expects
that the remaining half will evaporate by next morning!

Please forgive me if my posting is a little sporadic until I feel better.Best,


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  1. Oooohhhh, I am so sorry to hear of your plight. I sooo understand what you are going through. Pain obliterates sooo much that is good. I wish and pray you well. Let us know.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about all of your pain. That is terrible news! At least the Chiropractor found out something the doctor did not and is working to get you some relief. I hope it works! Sorry also to hear about your tooth. My husband just had to have his cap redone after it broke. It was also very expensive although not as expensive as your because he didn't need a bone graft. You are getting it from all ends and I hope all of your pain is soon over. Sending you well wishes and hugs! xoxo

  3. Oh Sherry,
    When it rains it pours as they say. I had two implants this past year and you are so right they are costly. I think I should have been an oral surgeon lol! Hope things calm down for you and the chiropractor can get your vertebrae off the nerve. That has to be so painful. Healing thoughts being sent.

  4. I just started following your blog but I had to comment on your current status. I'm so sorry you are going through such an ordeal. I hope you will recover quickly and be back to your healed self very soon –

    Until then, I can re-occupy myself with some of your older, but just as wonderful posts – (((hugs))) to you for a speedy recovery <3

  5. Oh Sherry that is just terrible!!! I hope your back heals quickly and those pain pills are working well?!?! Sorry to hear about your tooth too. Big {{{HUGS}}}!!!!!!

  6. Oh my! I think I'd have to say just pull the tooth. Anything to get me out of pain. Scary about your back. My mom believed in a chiropractor and went to one for years with bulging discs. Your sounds a lot more serious than that. Take care and rest it, ice it and get your adjustments. Bless you.

  7. I am so sorry to hear of your recent troubles. They are both quite difficult.

    I can truly identify with the tooth problem. Had a similar experience but had to have it pulled without an implant….did not have the thousands of dollars required. So I guess you must be blessed that you did.

    Hope things improve and that the third happening doesn't come at all or, if it does, that it won't be too bad. Susan

  8. Oh Sherry! I am so sorry to hear all of this happening to you right now. It sounds dreadful. I would think that seeing a chiropractor to move a broken bone would be both dangerous and painful! Not to mention may delay healing because it's still not in place. I hope that gets fixed soon. The tooth thing is bad too. I've never had to have a tooth implant before. My husband is worried he may have to do that soon. He has a crown that keeps coming off and doesn't think it's staying on because there isn't enough tooth to hold it. He goes to the dentist about it next week. Hopefully, there won't be a third thing for you!

  9. Sherry I am so sorry to hear of your medical issues. If it's any consolation, I have had a bulging disc for years and I live with pain much of the time. However, physical therapy and a chiropractor has helped tremendously and I'm sure it will help you, too! As for the tooth issue, I can also relate. My problems are with gums and even bone loss, as I have had two grafts as well. So I'm also in a "wait and see if it takes" mode right now. I do believe we're helping my dental surgeon send his kids to college! You sound incredibly strong and resilient, more so than I think I would be. Hang in there. I will pray for speedy healing!

  10. Oh my word, I can't even imagine all of this at once. I so hope your back heals and surgery is not required. Yes, teeth are more expensive than limbs, go figure. Thanks for hosting the blog hop in the middle of all this, that is a handful.

  11. wow. There is no reason to pretend things are OK when they are not, or to diminutize your experience. And you are NOT a "negative" person for saying how you feel. wow, my heart goes to you…$6000.00 for one tooth, that is robbery me thinks….at what point is "too much" too much? Pain…I know this well. Take lots of tumeric if you can. You need prayers and good vibes sent to you and I will do so.

  12. Wow! Some unfun stuff going on in your life. You're so blessed to be in a position to take care of the awful. Way to be proactive! Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  13. You are free to vent all you want~!
    Ouch and ouch… so sorry ~

    A few years ago, I was watering a herd of horses and somebody shot a rifle close by and scared all 13. They went up over my head and through the corral. One of them caught me in the face with a leg and broke out all of my front teeth. The day before Halloween – I looked like a jack-o-lantern. It was awful and I had no dental insurance. It was about $10K in dental work and nearly a year to get my mouth 'usable'again.
    I do believe if we all took our troubles and threw them in a big pile in the center of a room and seen what each other goes through, we would all grab our own troubles and run home quickly. I hope you get feeling better soon…
    Rant anytime ~ we all go through times like this. Keep the faith~!

  14. oh Sherry, the back and leg thing is enough to deal with…not a tooth thing too. But good for you to not give up on finding a diagnosis. This really does need to be fixed. Maybe an orthopedic dr is someone you should see along with the chiropractor. Don't let things get worse. Take care of yourself, saying a prayer right now! xoxo

  15. Oh Sherry, I am so sorry about your back. I know exactly how you feel. I have a bad back also. WOW the Dentist's are not cheap anymore. It seems like all medical & dental are going up, but not our SS checks.
    I just hate it when bad things happen in 3's. Hopefully everything is behind you and it will be sunny sky's from now on.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  16. Sherry, I'm so sorry for all the pain (and expense!) you're going through right now. I've had a bulging disc and sciatic nerve damage for years…thankfully I don't suffer from the sciatia much any longer but I still have pain from the bulging disc from time to time…getting old ain't for wimps!

    Also, during a 2 year period I ended up with 4 root canals and crowns…insurance only paid for 1/2 of that and I ended up with a lot of out of pocket expense myself.

    With that being said, I hope you don't have any additional problems (at least not for a while) and prayers for continued healing.

    Take it easy as best you can.

  17. I'm going through the same process for a dental implant, and I'm starting to understand why people hate the dentist so much. In the process, another tooth that was recently crowned, acted up and put me in pain for two weeks before we could get it settled down. Hang in there!

    Our second thing is that out furnace for our main level needs to be replaced, so we're shelling out over $5,000 for that (and it's FREEZING outside!). Thank goodness for gas fireplaces!

    This too shall pass, right?

  18. Sherry!!! I am so sorry to learn of your health issues at this time. Sending all the positive thoughts I can muster that you will be feeling well again very, very soon!
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  19. Oh my goodness Sherry! I'm sorry to hear about all you've gone through lately. Hang in there! Hope things turn around for the better real soon!

  20. Bless your heart, Sherry. This is too much at once.

    I can't believe the cost of your dental work!

    Please seek out a surgeon for a second opinion.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  21. I may be wrong but I would think you have THE most expensive tooth in HISTORY!!!
    SO sorry for all you're going through!
    Good things are BOUND to be in store now!!!

  22. Oh dear, I am SO sorry all this is happening to you!!! I have had sciatica for YEARS, since I was 16 so I feel your pain! I sure hope the vertebrae heals!!!! As for the tooth…OUCH! Hopefully thibgs will NOT come in 3's this time!!

  23. So sorry that you are getting all the rain to once. I have had multiple cracked and/or broken vertebra, 11 I think. I have had really good success with kyphoplasty. It is day surgery performed laproscopically throw two one-inch incisions. Minimal pain and quick recovery. I recommend that you see an orthopedic surgeon for a consult. Best of wishes and you are in my prayers.

  24. Oh, Sherry, I am so sorry to hear about these recent health challenges and hope that you feel better very soon! One's health is the single, most important thing – without it we are nothing!

    Take care. Sending positive energy your way!


  25. I'm so sorry for what you have had to deal with! Good thing you didn't settle for the answers your doctor gave you! My sister works for a chiropractior and she tells me all the time about how people come in to the office in terrible pain that doctors haven't been able to help, that they can. I have a friend dealing with a tooth implant and he has had so much pain! I hope yours goes smoothly! We all have crappy things happen, so I'm glad you shared you are human too!

  26. Sherry, I'm so sorry you have not been feeling well! I have had three spinal fusions- I truly understand your pain! My goodness, a tooth issue too- that can make you feel worse that anything! Sending hugs and prayers your way for a speedy recovery!

  27. Oh Sherry…I am so sorry. I'm so glad Steve thought to have your go to a chiropractor. We'll just pray it gets back into place and that you'll heal completely. Please don't laugh….but I'm a huge believer in bone broth for healing. We roast a chicken and then make broth like you would for soup with the bones…except we simmer it for about 48 hours. Then we drink it by the mugful and add Celtic sea salt to it for the minerals. It's the best healer ever. So good that after a hard day of gardening when I would hardly be able to walk I have no pain or cramping or discomfort. It's is supposed to be to help heal broken bones too. Usually we roast a chicken a week for the broth. Trusting with you for healing… {{hugs}}

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