Thrifty Tabletop Breakdown!

I want to thank you for all the sweet comments on my Restoration Hardware look-a-like table.  You guys are the absolute best!  I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate your friendship and support.

If you have read my blog for any time at all you know I prefer to decorate on a budget and thrive on finding that fantastic bargain.  I like having nice things in our home but I have found so much of the expensive decor can be duplicated or purchased for a lot less money.  That being said I want to show you what I spent to put  together the look in my previous post.  Here’s the breakdown.

The table is a copy of a $1295 Restoration Hardware one. As I mentioned in my previous post I found the identical table at Roomstore for $379.

The mirror I found at Anthropologie at 70% off.  I have seen this same mirror priced at $300 other places.  I paid $62.00.


Wisteria had some gorgeous prints in a mirrored frame for $150 each.  I loved them but I knew I could find something I liked as well for a lot less.  Last year I found similar prints in mirrored frames on clearance at Target. I paid $9.00 each for my version of Wisteria’s art.
The little black sconce was purchased at a consignment shop for $5.00 and the Quimper style plate at a garage sale for $1.00.
During my search for the table I stopped at Bassett Furniture and purchased the green glass lamp for $10.00
from the clearance room. This lamp had an original price tag of $140.
The metal urn was painted bright gold when I found it in a junk shop for $6.00. A little paint and glaze solved that problem. The urn was filled with seashells purchased  at a garage sale for $2.00. There must have been 200 shells or more in the bag. The coral, star fish and pink shell I have owned for years.
I Love this plaster architectural piece and it was $8.00 from the same junk store that had the urn.  I also got the large basket there for $5.00 and the metal gym basket for $10. The two wine bottles and large apothecary bottle I have had for years. I am sure I paid less than $10 each for them.  The best buy of all were the two antique clay pots purchased locally at an on-line auction.  My cost for both pots was $3.00!!
Total cost for all accessories, including wall and tabletop = $150!  See why I love hunting for bargains?
*Thanks for the advise on painting the vent. I had wanted it painted but hubby was afraid the paint would chip off the metal.  With so many of you backing me up he caved in!  
Thanks for stopping by.
xo,xo, Sherry

32 thoughts on “Thrifty Tabletop Breakdown!”

  1. Yay for you. I am seriously crazy for that table though. Those legs are show stoppers.
    I would be very flattered if you would share your frugal creativity on my first ever linky party at Becolorful. I think my followers would like this.

  2. Sherry,
    Okay girl…you have won the THRIFTY prize for the week!!!! Can't believe that AWESOME mirror was only $62…you already know that I luv that "COOL" lamp and it was only $10?…you have soooo many great treasures here…thanks so much for sharing them with all of us:)


  3. You did a great job, Sherry! I can't believe the difference in table price ~ good for you finding it for less {much less}! Love the mirror and I love the urn and green glass you brought in for color. Very neat about the vent. If you use the spray paint for metal paint {Krylon?} I don't think your hubby needs to worry about that issue.

  4. You are a girl after my own heart. When I find something I love, the cheaper the price the more I love it! Nothing like a good bargain!

    Beautiful tabletop and great inspiration.

    Thanks Sherry!

  5. I came back to say thank you for posting this on BeColorful's Motivated Monday but I also wanted to say that in revisiting i decided I don't want to lose this image so I have copied some of your pictures into my inspiration folder on my computer. I really liked this look if it wasn't already obvious to you. 🙂

  6. Wow, I am very impressed with your table, it looks like a million bucks! I can tell you as someone who spent years selling seashells at retail prices- you got a FABULOUS bargain on those seashells. There are some terrific pieces in that urn! Happy VTT and thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Sherry, Your great bargain finds look awesome put together. You have a great eye for design and for what looks expensive. Good job.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  8. Hi Sherry,
    I love everything about your display (o.k. maybe not the Quimper look a like!) but the rest is just stunning.
    Your really have talent, not just for finding a bargain but for styling everything so beautifully.

  9. Sherry, I have already told you that I think that table is just absolute genius, and I'm so glad to read about the bargains that make up your beautiful vignette. I love the way you have that pot resting on the architectural piece, and the gym basket filled with wonderful treasures is perfect for this vignette. What gorgeous sea shells were in that bargain bag! So glad you shared this for Favorite Things Sat. laurie

  10. Hi, Sherry, I know I've commented on this table before but is still one of my favorite pieces every and I love how your accessories look. I'm beginning to wonder if I could duplicate it. I have a friend who could turn the legs and the rest looks fairly simple…just thinking out loud…

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