Thanksgiving Tables Of The Past

Hi Everyone.
This year Steve and I will be joining dear friends for Thanksgiving.  This will be the first time
in years I haven’t hosted Thanksgiving at our house.  I am actually pretty happy to be able to
 relax and enjoy the holiday rather than stressing about every detail.
Since there will be no Thanksgiving tablescape this year I decided to revisit tables from the past.









25 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Tables Of The Past”

  1. Wow, how beautiful, Sherry! It would be difficult to pick a favorite here. Enjoy your Thanksgiving with friends.

  2. I love all of your tablesettings. I have that exact red table runner too. Your centerpieces are so creative. They're all so classic that I couldn't tell one was older than another.

  3. Sherry 1st thank you so much for your well wish and prayers. I am coming along slow but sure!

    Love seeing your tables of Thanksgiving Past!

    Love and Hugs,

    Art by Karena

  4. Great tablescapes from the past. Love the antler handle carving and serving pieces. Wishing you a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving with friends.

  5. Beautiful table! Happy for your relaxing Thanksgiving day. We all need it once in awhile. Thanks too for all the tips and new places to me for holiday gifts.

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