Swapping Furniture

Because our home is for sale I haven’t been able to make any major changes around here.
There is nothing like being in the middle of a big project and getting a call that you have
a showing in one hour.
In other words…I am bored!
To help with the boredom I have been moving furniture around and doing some small
 The French style buffet in the dining room now resides in the living room.
The urn is filled with twenty marble eggs that were found at a thrift store along
with the alabaster grapes.
The paper whites were planted before Thanksgiving and they are just now starting to bloom!
Whats up with that?
View from dining room.
The clock was also moved to the living room….
Now the antique Normandy armoire has a new home in the dining room. My
plan is to add shelving inside the two large doors to display more transferware.
Hubby hates it when I get bored because he knows there will be work involved!
If you would like to see decorating plans for our next home visit my
recent guest post at  The Enchanted Home .
Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. I have been shifting furniture around, too, getting ready to make over my family room. I love how a piece makes a new home in a different room and changes the entire look. I really love your armoire and your paper whites are so tall! I am so surprised as well that they just bloomed. They go downhill so fast after that though, so I enjoy how they look before they bloom, too!

    Stay busy…and warm!


  2. I love your house. I am so dreading putting our house on the market this Spring…really dreading all the work and keeping it "perfect" for showings. I hope yours sells soon~

    You do a good job of displaying and staging and fluffing- xo Diana

  3. Somehow I didn't remember that you were trying to sell your house, too. I feel your pain! I keep thinking of all the things I would *like* to do to this house, and then I have to remind myself that I simply can't. Your home is ALREADY gorgeous, though!

  4. Hi Sherry,
    Your home is so beautiful that I'm surprised it hasn't sold already.
    Of course the economy isn't helping any.

    We are putting ours back on the market this spring and will try again.

    Best of luck.


  5. How much fun to move things around and have them fit the space and give you a new, fresh look! Lucky person/s who buys your house. It's gorgeous.
    Saying a prayer that your house sells soon.
    Have a great weekend,

  6. It looks fabulous! I love everything. Wish we were closer I could satisfy your boredom moving things around at my house!!!!

    I have a white urn like yours and just love it.

  7. I am having the bug to move things around, too. We had our house on the market for a year and a half and finally took it off the market this November. Just tired of it! Will probably try again. It is so nice to leave the house "not quite perfect" and not worry that someone will come while you are gone. Linda p.s. Love the changes!

  8. Sherry this is a perfect example of shopping your own home and seeing things from a new point of view. It is not an easy thing for most homeowners to do on their own, but you my dear have mastered this task.Love all of your changes! Happy weekend,

  9. I love that white and clean look of your beautiful house. All your moves are great, they make your home look so new and fresh, I love moving around things, or artwork too. Have a nice Sunday.

  10. Hi Sherry,

    Your home is looking so beautiful…I love all of your blue and white…I wouldn't be surprised if your buyer asks you to leave everything just like it is…love the idea of displaying transfer ware in that gorgeous French cabinet. Hope you are feeling well.


  11. That sounds like a new reality show, you bring your furniture to my house and I'll bring mine to yours! You have some great furniture pieces. At least you don't eat when you're bored!


  12. I love to swap furniture from room to room like you did!! It always is a lot of work but so much satisfaction with no $$ spent. I love the urn with the glass float and sea items on your table… and your floor clock is AMAZING. what a treasure!

  13. Sherry,
    Your home is so pretty…I'm sure it will sell soon. Good luck.
    I love the clock…if you don't have room for it in your new house let me know. 🙂

  14. Sherry, I love the changes! Your home always looks gorgeous, and I'm sure it will sell in no time … you'll be decorating your new "abode" before you know it!

  15. So pretty! I don't know why your home hasn't sold already. I'm about to be in the same boat. Such a pain to keep everything show ready.
    Love all your inspiration for your new home. I'm a huge fan of blue of course!

  16. Oh it is gorgeous! I can't believe it has not sold yet. My house is so small I have tried, but there is no way to rearrange and I am bored stiff! Maybe you could visit your son when the Fancy Flea is on!


  17. Hi Sherry…

    My friend, your home is looking gorgeous as usual! I love all the changes that you've made. Love the beautiful vignette with the urn and marble eggs and grapes…sooo pretty! Ohh my…the french armoire that you placed in the dining room is "frenchy fabulous"!!! I also love that beautiful clock! You have so many pretty things, dear friend…thanks for sharing them with us!

    Love ya,

  18. Little changes can make a world of difference and make us feel better, too!! Your home always looks wonderful. best of luck on the house sale.
    hugs, Sue

  19. All so pretty staging. I especially like the marble eggs and urn.

    Maybe the paper white blooms are waiting until the future homeowner comes to view your home. Best wishes in selling.

  20. Sherry, that was too funny, but it looks gorgeous!! Love the French armoire in the dining room and that clock is amazing. We are moving but not for two years. I am so itching for a new house, since we have been here for 22 years. But I have to wait until the baby graduates from high school. wait, wait, wait……

  21. Love the changes Sherry! You have such fabulous pieces in your home. I can relate with you on the waiting and moving. It is NOT fun. I am praying we get to stay put here. If not there are so many projects to get done before June.

  22. Our husband's must be related b/c my husband hates hearing me say, "I've been thinking". ;O) Your home is gorgeous. You should have no problems selling it.

  23. Sherry love the changes you've made. I'm getting a good look at the armoire, I think we have similar pieces. I really love the vignette with the white urn and white eggs. Fabulous!

    The French Hutch

  24. Hi Sherry!

    First of all… I have always loved that clock. Your home is so beautiful yet very comfortable looking. I love how you are able to use classic pieces yet keep a since of casual living.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

  25. I have several projects – you can come and be bored with me here! I was wondering if you moved those things yourself – I have 'found a way' when I move things around – but I gathered you had your Dear Husband's help 🙂
    It is fun to change things around and they look great! Thank you for sharing with Home and Garden Thursday!
    God Bless,

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