13+ Small Pool Ideas on a Budget

Forget whatever you know about small indoor pools. They are not only for the rich and famous. If you’re considering getting a pool in your home, you’ve come to the right place. We have some of the best small pool ideas on a budget that you can implement without burning a hole in your pocket! 

It’s 2023 and we’re ready for a big, bad summer. After two years of being indoors for the better part of the year, this summer calls for more time in the sun, dips in the water, and time spent outdoors.

An indoor pool is a perfect investment before the summer. If you’re on a budget then a small inground pool will be inexpensive without taking up too much space. 

Tips for Choosing a Small Pool on a Budget

Including a pool in the house can seem like a herculean task. There are some handy tips that you can follow to make choosing the right pool for your house easier. Browse through our tips below:

  • Choose the right fit: There are certain criteria to consider to get the right fit for your pool. If you have limited space, an outdoor plunge pool can be perfect even if it is just 8-10 square feet. 
  • Factor in sunlight and upkeep: While building a pool, consider the directions of the space and the path of sunlight. You wouldn’t want to build a pool where there is no sun. The spot should receive full sun in the late morning and afternoon.
  • Add fencing for safety: If it’s a family home, you will need a fence to stop kids and pets from getting into the pool unsupervised. There will be certain safety regulations of your building or area as well that you will need to make sure to adhere to. 

Once you’ve found the perfect spot, it’s all about choosing the right design for the space and budget. Check the article below to find some inspiration! 

13+ Small Pool Ideas on a Budget

There are some simple ways to make a small pool worthwhile and turn it into a great use of space. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ideas that can make any pool area look chic and family-friendly. Check out our list below to see which ideas work for you!

Add Color Changing Lights 

This can be fun for the entire family. Whether you want to throw some pool parties in the summer or let the kids have their fun by changing the vibe of the pool every time the light changes. 

Add a Tiled Mosaic 

A tiled mosaic can elevate the design of any pool by giving it some character. You can make abstract designs or even add characters like the sun, moon, or stars to make pool time extra fun. 

Add a Cascade 

Although these need to be plumbed in advance, a cascade can make a small indoor pool extremely fun for the children. You can even customize the height of the waterfall depending on how much wall space you have access to. 

Tile Colors and Designs 

Tile colors and designs are something that can instantly elevate any small pool’s aesthetic. Try all black or white tiles if you are feeling bold. You can even go for Moroccan-style tiles if it’s within your budget. One thing to consider in your overall budget for the pool is also the upkeep. Sticking to simpler tiles might be beneficial if you’re on a tighter budget!

Add a Tanning Ledge 

Make your pool the hottest place this summer by adding a tanning ledge. A tanning ledge is a great investment as it makes the pool even more family-friendly by creating a resting space. Soak in the sun and let the tan show!

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Keeping Your Costs Down When Installing a Pool

If you can’t stand another summer of kids saying ‘i’m bored’ then a pool is a great solution. While it may seem hard to think of saving money when you prepare for a home remodel, there are certain simple ways to keep your costs down and save some extra bucks while installing a pool. Our recommendations are:

  • Try vinyl as a material as there is larger potential to save money 
  • Keep a smaller area as it will cost lesser in terms of labor and materials 
  • Landscape later if your current budget only allows for construction and carpentry 
  • Don’t skimp on quality; this will cost you later! 

A pool is the best gift you can give your family ahead of a long and hot summer. Your home will be bustling with people and bring the best kind of energy in during the warmer months. Take the plunge with our tips and get ready to take a dip this summer!