Our Courtyard Tour & Floor Plan

When you walk through the front door of our new home it opens up to my favorite space.  The courtyard
sold us on this house before we even saw the inside.
As you can see from the floor plan the house surrounds the courtyard and there are views of the area from most of the windows and french doors.  The windows on the back of the house face the pool.
The previous owners extended the right side of the house by four feet when it was built.  This increased the size of the guest house, courtyard, master bedroom and bath and is not reflected in the above floor plan.
Below are pictures taken the day we moved in.


We have been busy planting and dressing up the courtyard.  The table and chairs are from our former home, we are still shopping for outdoor seating and a rug.  There are plans for an outdoor kitchen eventually.



Did you notice the Poinsettias?
The palm tree and Poinsttias were the only plants in the courtyard when we moved in six weeks ago.

Thanks for dropping by and touring the courtyard with me.



28 thoughts on “Our Courtyard Tour & Floor Plan”

  1. Hi Sherry,

    I love the warm salmon shade of your home's stucco exterior. It is actually a colour we have been playing around with the next time we paint our house.

    Your courtyard is very welcoming and inviting, as your new furniture just beckons, along with all the pretty, potted lovelies!

    Thanks for sharing and Happy 4th!


  2. Wow you've transformed that space already. I love all the plants you added. Your furniture is great too. I'm sure it will be wonderful out there year round.

  3. Oh my…your house plan was very similar to our last home in Florida!…except the pool was where your courtyard is and when you entered into the house you entered into the pool/patio area…We used the "guest quarters" as his office…I LOVE your plan as you have two separate entertaining areas!!…your courtyard is just beautiful!!..I miss this type of living and how much the plants thrive!…Beautiful, beautiful Sherry!!

  4. Love the floor plans and the beautiful furniture and plants you've brought to the courtyard. Have fun shopping for the other furniture you have in mind!

    Is your dear father residing in the guest house?

    Thanks for inviting us in!


  5. Sherry—all your pictures made things look pretty cool, but seeing the floor plan/layout….
    I'm crazy in love and would have bought it too! You're going to have sO much fun with this house!

  6. It's already looking wondeful Sherry, once the outdoor kitchen and cushy lounging seats are there, you might just be LIVING here all the time! Enjoy and happy 4th!

  7. Wow, what an amazing space! I can easily see why it sold you on the home. You have really been busy to have gotten so much planted. It looks beautiful!

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