My Birthday Gifts – a hand painted platter

I just realized I never showed you my birthday gift.
 Well, it has only been two months!
You may remember my post about our trip to the Mt Dora Extravaganza and how I chose
a couple of things for my birthday.  It’s no secret that I love almost anything blue and white
and when I saw this Italian platter it had my name all over it.
The platter is hand painted and most likely from the mid to late 1800s.
For now it is just sitting on this table with a pair of Italian apothecary jars.  The platter
will be hung next trip home.
My other gift was this reproduction capital.  I loved the capital but the color of the
wood was a little yellow for my taste.
I’ll be back soon to show you the paint treatment I used and with pictures of where I
put the capital.
Thanks for visiting!

23 thoughts on “My Birthday Gifts – a hand painted platter”

  1. Happy belated birthday!!! What a gorgeous platter….it looks beautiful placed on the table. I can't wait to see it after you get it hung! I have a capital just like yours on my French baker's rack :o)

  2. Blue and white is a wonderful color combination, IMHO. Your platter is so pretty and unusual. Looking forward to seeing your paint transformation on the column base.
    🙂 Sue

  3. Sherry, I'm struggling with some of the same upload issues and even the loading of certain blogs. I appreciate your dedication to the party and us. Thanks so much for your time!

  4. Sherry I love all your treasures! I have been trying to find some of those corbels for awhile now. They come in three different sizes. I wish I knew who made them. Your blue platter is just beautiful! Sounds like you had a great birthday. Thanx for partying at my place!

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