Joe Or Joanne?

I was cracking up reading your comments on my $3.00  painting!    Reading your reactions
was well worth bringing this portrait home.
Consensus is that the subject in the painting is Joanne,  rather than her brother Joe.  Some of you said she looked like a grandma and some said a young lady.  A few of you agreed with me that it was a male with  a somewhat  feminine appearance.  I think Joe, or Joanne as she will be known from now on,  may have been on the way to the dump because she didn’t like the way the artist portrayed her.  Maybe she thought she looked a little to masculine in the painting too.
Joanne,  so sorry I thought you were a man.
I should have known better!
Sandy  left me this comment about my new acquisition.
 As an artist who does lots of portraits, I agree….this is an older woman. The lighter brow ridge, no beard shadow, softness of the lips ….everything says female to my eye…including her clothing. I’m guessing this is an oil on canvas done by a fairly amateur artist, but one with training under their belt…perhaps a student piece from the model. It shows a lot of talent, especially in the expression and loose treatment. If it’s unsigned, it may be a student piece…or unfinished. I would guess it’s 50-60 years old”.
Thanks for the info, Sandy.
  I don’t guess I’ll ever learn the story behind the portrait but I think it deserves a good home.  For now SHE  seems quite happy in the upstairs hall….I can tell this from the look in her eyes!
Thanks everyone for visiting and I enjoyed reading all your funny comments.  Have a great week
and I hope to see you at the Open House Party starting Wednesday evening.

12 thoughts on “Joe Or Joanne?”

  1. I like the painting and agree with your other comments, it looks like a woman to me too! Something about it seems kinda western/ranch looking, which I really like. With the no nonsense hair, the ruddy complexion and the jacket, she looks like a woman rancher to me!! LOL, not sure if that is right or not, but I like it!

  2. When I first saw the "just eyes" pic in my news feed, you'll never guess what I thought! I thought you had found a big painting of good 'ole St. Nick! I thought you were going to show us a tired Santa Claus or a contemplative Santa. I will say that once I saw the entire picture, I thought it was a woman. But, you might use your magic to make her Santa….OR Mrs. Claus! By the way, I love your lucky find! Lori L

  3. Your fun post with your new "relative" was so much fun.
    I guessed she was an older woman because of the eyes. She'll definitely be a conversation starter in your home. Cute post.

  4. What a funny story this turned out to be! I actually thought it was a man too (on the feminine side) If you've ever watched SNL, you may remember the skit that they played every now and then called "Pat". Nobody ever knew if the person was a he or she and the person's name was Pat, so that didn't give them a better clue either. Ha! So, whenever my husband and I run into a person like that, we refer to them as a "Pat". ha!

  5. I didn't post last night when you put this out there because I wanted to see if others saw Joanne rather than Joe too. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who saw a non-dude in your $3 treasure.

  6. Hi Sherry!

    Hope you had a FABULOUS Thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing this wonderful project. Was just wondering if you've been getting my last few e-mails. (I think they might be getting stuck in your spam folder). Let me know if you've had the chance to review "Southern Beach Houses" and whether you're still interested in running it!


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