The best gifts are free

The best gifts sometimes are the ones that cost nothing.  The joy in a child’s face, a thank you when least expected,  really being a friend & loving unconditionally are just a few things that cost nothing but can truly impact someones life. This season take the time to speak to people you do not know, appreciate the small things people do for you, don’t judge and practice tolerance.

Here are a couple of gifts that cost nothing but I wouldn’t trade them for all the jewels in the world.

Snowman given to me by my six year old granddaughter.

Watching my granddaughters Christmas play. Isn’t she the cutest sugar cookie ever?

Watching children playing in the snow.
One of the best Gifts you can give anyone is your TIME.  Take the time this season to enjoy the small things life offers.  I wish you the happiest of Holidays!

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