Au Revoir..Changes

No, I am not shutting down my blog.  Don’t be silly.. I love you guys!  Things are about to change around our house though…lots of changes!

Hubby and I have decided to put our Richmond home on the market and move to Orlando.  This move will get us closer to my dad and our grown children and their families.

As some of you know our son and his family recently moved to Orlando. What you may not know is that I was born and raised near there and my dad lives just thirty minutes away. Dad is eighty five years old and right now he is in fairly good health but I do worry about him living by himself.

We will also be putting our beach home on the market. I think it is time to let go and move on.  We have held off selling in the hopes that the Florida real estate market would turn around.  That hasn’t happened and the cost of maintaining a house on the beach just keeps going up.

With the move I will be closing my antique business.  I have decided not to open another shop nor rent space in a mall.  No more lugging furniture or heavy items for me.  You know I love junkin and thrifting too much to give that up so I am looking into the possibility of opening an on-line shop or one with Etsy.   

We leave in a few days for Orlando and we will be narrowing down neighborhoods and areas.  I hope you will join me through my blog as we move and decorate a new home.  I envision a lighter and brighter decorating style so you will see lots of changes.


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  1. How exciting, Sherry! I'd consider moving to Florida myself after the past few winters here! 🙂 We are seriously looking to put our house on the market {hopefully by the end of this month} to downsize. Good luck with it all and I look forward to seeing your new place!

  2. I'm with you all the way…and I can't wait to see what you do with your new "home".

    You'll never regret living near your dad. Mom is 90 1/2 and I am so happy I get to spend so much time with her.

    Ya'll be careful!

  3. How exciting for you!!! And it really just makes sense to be nearer kids and your Dad. I'm looking forward to seeing what direction you take all your readers! Good luck with the real estate selling and buying!

  4. WOW, Sherry. Lots of changes for you and your hubby. I wish you the best of luck in finding the perfect house. Lots of exciting posts coming up in the future, I'm sure. Susan

  5. Oh Sherry how exciting. I know you will be happy, being close to your family.I wish you and your hubby the best and hope everything goes as smooth as possible.
    Good Luck,
    Heather H

  6. Oh my goodness Sherry…so many changes and decisions…you are going to be one busy girl! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you go through this exciting time! I look forward to following along as you embark on your new adventure!

  7. Sherry, I understand exactly how you feel! Do you know, we've been in sort of a limbo for a year or so now. We teeter back and forth as we know we need to live closer to family now, and we want to move, it's hard, the changes, so I wish you all the best, and just to say…in the world in international blogging, what's good is that we'll still see you once you're settled. I wish you all the best, my dear, family is first, it's my policy! Good on you for doing the right thing,xoxo tami

  8. Oh girl GOOD LUCK with your house fun it will be to be by family once again..and I like you could never give up on antiques completly..But I don't want a shop or space love my life like it is right now ha ha!! How ever I'm thinking about seling some on EBay as I have a barn full of antiques and no room left here..Hope you have a GREAT weekend my Dear friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  9. Sherry good for you~ I think changes at this stage of life are still pretty darned exciting. We are going to be making some changes of our own soon too.

    Just out of curoisity where is your beach cottage located? I would be interested in knowing…

    Good luck. Diana

  10. Good Luck Sherry on all your changes. I am sending positive thoughts your way. I know that all will work out for the best for you and you will have a wonderful life in Orlando!

  11. I'm so happy for you and your family
    the best luck! The same thing happen to me with my parents, I moved to California last year in May and now I'm moving back to Miami since my daughter going to UM and my parents are 85 and 86 years old they need me so bad, thank God I still have my house there so I'm going to be back and forth from California and Miami. My husband has a contract for 2 years here in California. I'm happy going back home after one year I'm missing Miami a lot.
    PS:Now you can eat Cuban food your welcome to my house for dinner is only 4hrs driving.

  12. We are going through the same thing right now, and while I'll miss my home, it's exciting to be looking for our next! I look forward to watching how things turn out for you too!

  13. Wow Sherry, this is big news! I'm so happy for you that you will be moving closer to family and I hope we will get to meet before you actually leave! Best of luck with your house hunt, I know you will find something perfect, and I can't wait to see how you decorate it!

    Kat 🙂

  14. Sherry It's good to change! You'll have a whole new world of possibilities open to you! I quit my store more than 6 years ago and I haven't really missed it. I have a twinge or two every now and then but think of all the work I DON'T have to do and yeppers, It feels fine! *winks* I'm so excited for you and look forward to seeing all the new changes! Vanna

  15. What an exciting journey you are about to be on! I am so excited you will be in Florida! I am in Gainesville and only 2 hours from Orlando. We lived there for 3 years and still have lots of friends that we visit often. What a perfect time to buy to!
    I can't wait to here how it all goes! I hope we can meet once everything is settled!

  16. I figured this would be happening soon. Florida is calling, with your dad and the grandkids, and you guys can't stay up here by yourselves. Wave goodbye to the Virginia snow. It will be great to follow you on this new adventure.

  17. Hi Sherry, I am your newest follower. I think I showed up at the right time to witness your new endeavor.
    I commend you for thinking of your Dad.
    Just thinking about the work ahead of you makes me tired.
    Looks like you can do most anything so, go for it! I'll be watching!

  18. What a sad day for Richmond, but I certainly understand the need to be with family, because that is the most important thing ever!

    I am excited for you and look forward to hearing everything about your next move!

    From Virginia

  19. Best of luck with your hunt for a new home sherry! I know how it is with aging parents & wanting to be near to help. I also know I want to be near my kids & grandkids always so, it will be a good move for you. It will be exciting to experience you move on your blog. Have a good trip! Wish I could pick up the whole family & move down there too. The winters here are awful-hate the cold weather! 🙂 chris

  20. That is so exciting Sherry! My nephew just bought a house in Orlando! Good luck in your search for a home and I look forward to hearing all about the process and decorating your new space. Take care, Laura

  21. Sherry, what I am the last to know? So you definitely decided to move here yea!!! Instead of lugging antiques you can spend time lugging grand babies! You know I hate to say it to loud, but the weather her is gorgeous. Your idea on removing the legs from that box was spot on. I should have done that in the first place, people love old boxes.


  22. I'm excited for you, living close to your Parents is wonderful! My Mom and I have coffee together every morning. And decorating a new home….can't wait for the journey you'll be sharing with us!

  23. Wow, what news! My daughter just left Richmond about a month ago. Big changes for her too. I wish you all the best in this HUGE change. And you have so much to do! Good luck and we hope to hear about every detail in the next few weeks.

  24. Sherry, what an adventure you're undertaking. I can't wait to see what area you find your new home in. Oh, and just think of all the great blog posts you have to share with us as you make your new house a home. I'm sure your family is thrilled that you're coming closer.


  25. Panic set in when I saw that Au Revoir yesterday!

    Wishing you the best on your home search and move. It will be nice being nearer you family. Change can be daunting, but exciting at the same time.

    Will be looking forward to reading about your new adventures!

    Hugs, Honey

  26. hi sherry,
    i wish you well in your new adventure!
    i know how it is with elderly parents as mine are both in their late eighties…it wasn't until a few years ago that their health started changing. we are in the midst of some health challenges with my dad and i can assure you that being close by has been tremendously helpful to them. and besides that, it will be nice to be closer to family.
    i look forward to seeing your etsy shop once you're settled in to your new place.

  27. Wow I think it is wonderful that you are pursuing this "new adventure" I pray that the Lord lead you to just the right area and you will find a home you really love.I think it will be great to be closer to your family and I know they will be Blessed to have you close by.

  28. Sounds like an exciting adventure, Sherry! (Minus the packing…although it does provide the opportunity to purge and reorganize. lol) I wish you the best. Looking forward to seeing what you'll call home. A cottage perhaps? A condo? Can I come with you? It's been below freezing for far too long her in NY.

  29. Oh Best wishes to you Sherry! It sounds fantastic actually. Carol from the polka dot closet lives in Orlando…I can actually see you and her hitting it off pretty good:) She is a super lady. Enjoy, keep us posted, can we go house hunting with you?

  30. Well, Sherry, I remember you mentioning it at lunch. I know you will be happy being closer to your family. Your home is amazing–whoever purchases it will be very fortunate. Can't wait to read about and 'see' your progress! Hope to see you before the big move! Good luck, my friend!

  31. Sherry,

    I am excited for you to be moving closer to your family. I am sorry we haven't gotten together. Maybe there's still time, let me know if you can work it in your schedule!

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