At Long Last

A couple of weeks ago my junkin buddy Lynn from  The Vintage Nest  and I hit a number of antique and junk stores.  Lynn found some cute things for her antique booth and her on-line shop but I was coming up empty handed.  At the end of the day I had not purchased a single thing!

On the way home we made one final stop at Goodwill.  I walked around and didn’t see a thing I wanted.  I started to the front of the store and a lady had the aisle blocked with her cart.  I cut through the small appliance section and that is when I found my treasure. Tucked between two toasters were these fabulous vintage alabaster grapes.  You could have heard me squealing a mile away.  I think I scared Lynn when I went running through the store almost screaming her name!


I have wanted some of these for the longest time but the price kept me from buying.  I bid on a smaller cluster of grapes recently at an on-line auction but they ended up selling for $90.00 to a dealer.
These are the gigantic alabaster grapes with the smallest ones about the size of a golf ball and the larger ones are the size of a tennis ball.  The funny thing is my dad has a set exactly like these and I am always admiring his when I visit.  I even tried to talk him into selling them to me and he just kept changing the subject.
I love my new cluster of grapes ( even if my husband doesn’t get the appeal )  and I love the $7.00 price tag.
Thank you Goodwill!
Don’t forget the Open House party here. Link will be up Wednesday around 6:30 pm

43 thoughts on “At Long Last”

  1. Sherry,
    I'm happy for you…sounds like you really wanted a set of these and I see why…they are soooooo pretty!!! Thanks for coming to NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS and I will see ya at OPEN HOUSE:)


  2. OMG you got these from a thrift store??? I'm going to ours tomorrow!!!
    Love these grapes Sherry! I'd be screaming too!!!

    Pamela xo

  3. Sherry, great find. I get it! 😉
    I found a nifty treasure at Good Will this afternoon. Plan to do a tablescape around my find soon. Looking forward to the Open House Party. It's a favorite! ~ Sarah

  4. Sherry… You are so funny! The grapes are fab and I did the same squealing when I found an alabaster lamp for $10 at GW. It was meant for you to find the grapes. They were just waiting between the toasters for you to come along. Thanks for your sweet comments each time you visit. Babs

  5. Those are fantastic! What a deal! Don'tcha just love it when your path gets directed right towards what you need? My Goodwill was selling a rock this week. I posted about that today, actually. A rock. I want to come and shop at your Goodwill.

  6. Sherry, I would have had no idea what these were had I seen them. so glad you found your treasure, that is why we keep doing what we do! How is house hunting and selling going??


  7. I'll bet you were thrilled when you saw them, Sherry! I know how disappointed I am when a shopping trip like that comes up with nothing, but then to find something {even if it's small} in the end can make for a happy moment. They look great with your demijohns {did I spell that right?}.

  8. All good things come to those who wait….you saw nothing and were patiently waiting for your friend and voila your little present was there all along! I love them…have seen them and think they are a great statement decorative pices..really fun! Goodwill rocks1

  9. Hello my friend…

    Oooh…the alabaster grapes are fabulous, Sherry! What a GRAND treasure find! I know that these little pretties can be very expensive. I'm just tickled pink for you! Ohhh…and don't they look beautiful beside your burlap bottle!!! Thanks for sharing your newest treasure find with us!

    Warmest spring wishes,

  10. I almost didn't read this post. When I saw the thumbnail picture my heart dropped because I knew you were going to say you'd found those gorgeous things for something stupid ridiculous cheap, like about seven dollars. And look, I was right! Baaahhhh!!! You kill me. I paid about $65 for mine and they don't even have the stem!

  11. Hi Sherry,
    I love your alabaster grapes, they look really good in the vingette that you created. Our Misters just don't get it!! LOL!


  12. I've always wondered how many times I've passed something up at the thrift store without giving it a second glance and without knowing that the item was worth some $$$$.
    I've passed these up on at least 4 occasions for about the price you paid for yours. I always thought they were unique and attractive but thought other people would think they were weird, so I passed them by. Who would've thunk? lol I'm not letting the next one get away, that's for sure!

    Enjoy your beautiful find,

  13. Isn't it great to find a treasure you have been wanting at the thrift store.. I always feel like I won the thrift store lottery.. great find for you.

  14. Girl, you did good. I know that feeling well when your eyes spy something that may just be worth reaching out for! (So often there not!)
    I love the color of these – beautiful and they look gorgeous in your vignette.
    Thanks for coming to my first party.

  15. Wow Sherrie! Now that is an incredible find! You did good girl! They are so beautiful. Thank you for linking up to Inspiration Friday At The Picket Fence, and for always leaving such sweet party comments. They mean a lot to us! Have a beautiful weekend.


  16. Oh goodness Sherry~ what a great score- they are absolutely beautiful and they look perfect in front of your gorgeous burlap wrapped bottle! Don't you love finding treasures at the thrift store! Thanks for sharing this at my party! 🙂

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