A Different Kind Of Fall – here in Florida

The Fall season is a little different here in Florida than many of you are experiencing in other parts of the country.  Growing up in central Florida, we never celebrated or decorated for Fall.
It was just an extension of Summer for us with 80+ degree days.
In October we still had picnics, went to the beach and swam in the warm water of our pool.  Halloween costumes were limited to those that wouldn’t be too hot or scratchy and our Thanksgiving meal was normally eaten on the large screen porch.  Christmas day we rode our new bikes through the neighborhood and played outside with our toys.  Later that day my cousins would come over and we would all have fun in the pool.
My parents were both raised in Florida and neither could tolerate cold weather.  Though they loved to travel, we never took trips outside of Florida in the Winter.   I saw snow for the first time
at the age of twenty.
Having moved to Virginia four years ago, (Dad calls it the great frozen North) was the first time I really got excited about  decorating for the season.  Of course, blogging added to my need to nest.
Yesterday I rode around the neighborhoods near Dad’s house in Florida.  There was not a single pumpkin to be found nor a wreath hung on any door.  What I did find were beautiful lawns and
blooming plants, people sitting on their porches and working in the yards.  Children were walking home from school dressed in their shorts and t-shirts, men were fishing on the lake and the outdoor farmers market was doing a brisk business.
I thought you might enjoy seeing what Fall in Florida looks like….
The above photos are from dad’s yard and below is his neighbors house.
 Aren’t these hanging plants amazing?   They each measure about four feet wide!
Speaking of FALL(ing).  Look what I found when I got out of the shower this morning.
 If you are a regular reader of my blog you already know I have moved to Florida and I am
living with my 86 year old dad. . He had reached a point where he needed full time care.
After having several mini strokes his mobility is very limited.
This morning he wasn’t in his room and I saw the garage door was open.  I threw
on my shoes and ran outside.

I found Dad painting the tile roof!

God,  please give me understanding and patience.
Now,  I have to find a place to hide the ladder
Thanks for dropping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Florida looks more like summer to me. Those are great pictures! I'm in NJ. The leaves are turning beautiful colors but somehow those Florida pictures makes me want to live where it's warm.
    Your father is a hoot! I think you have to hide more than the ladder 🙂

  2. The gardens are amazing and it's funny to see them blooming so prolifically when I'm looking out a window at a tree with no leaves, Sherry. Today is chilly here in Ohio, but the temps will be going up again starting tomorrow. They seem to be doing a see-saw right now. I think they would have been calling the paramedics for me if I was in your shoes and saw my Dad up on the roof! He's obviously an independent person who is not ready to give that up yet.

  3. I just got home from south Florida on Tuesday and loved every minute of my time in the sun and surf. That said…I love fall in Michigan with our beautiful colors and crisp air.

    I understand your challenges in dealing with an elderly parent and its wonderful that you have committed to caring for your dad Sherry, you won't be sorry.

  4. Oh my God! I have the same problem my parents are 86 and 87 years old and it always something with them! There is no way to control them; but thank God they are here with us, they drive all over Miami in this crazy city and they refuse to give that up.

  5. Hi! Sherry,

    The Florida weather sounds good to me ;o) It looks wonderful with all the blooms and green. Love all your pics.

    Oh my! your dad is certainly on the move ;o)God Bless! him. He's a sweetie trying to help out.

    Thanks! for sharing. Have a sunny weekend!

    Blessings & Hugs,

  6. Loved the Florida view. looks a little like Central Texas. Your Dad on the roof…Heart attack ….scarry..yes hard to keep up with, and harder for them to give up on what they have done forever…keep him safe,,,but hug him, talk about fun stuff in his life…my mom, has the Big A, and is on the end of her long goodbye…O how I miss the argumentative …feisty lady I knew

  7. LOl. 'hide the ladder' …. so cute. Thanks for the pics, yes I know that look and 'decorating for fall here' is non existent. I live in South Florida and we're getting rains still from April non stop and the humidity is unbearable. I hope you enjoy your life in Florida and I will be keen to hear how you go along here. I wish you blessings of beauty! lady

  8. Oh, they do keep ya on yer toes!!! You're gonna have to get rid of more than the ladder!!! The pics are beautiful, and so nice to see all that greenery, however, I'll take the north any day with the 4 seasons, each one holds something special….

  9. You're gonna need a whole lot of looking at pretty flowers to keep your nerves calm! My mom would head across the highway in slippers and jammies in the dead of winter. It was so much fun to see the stunned look on my sister and husband's faces when I returned Mom! Good luck! ~ Maureen

  10. Beautiful photos. We do have changing of the seasons here in Mississippi, but I can relate to warm temps. I can remember many years running the air on Thanksgiving day or wearing shorts on Christmas. I can also relate to what you're going through with your dad. My grandmother would get on the garage roof when she was in her 90's, no matter what my parents said.

  11. Florida Fall is so pretty too! Wonderful photos! Oh my, painting the roof! It's so difficult to let then stay independent, but realize they cannot do they things they once did! Last weekend, Mike had to take his Mom's(90) keys. Fortunately, my Dad (93) gave them to me! Praying for you!

  12. Oh how lovely, Sherry. I love seeing how different regions look during the seasons of change. I'm keeping good thoughts that patience will be available to you when needed. I was a caregiver for my mom and it's a tough, tough job. Bless you, sweetie.


  13. I also live in sunny Florida and am so ready for Fall (what little of it we have) I finally did a little Fall decorating this week. Hard to, isn't it when its so hot?! I'm on the central, east coast..how about you?

    Your dad looks precious!

  14. Know what you mean. We lived in San Diego area for 21 yrs. and Sept. thru January at least are the hottest months. We went to the beach on New Years day or Thanksgiving.
    It is odd for people that haven't been to these areas to imagine what it's like. It's been in high 90's and even 100's in San Diego area this fall.
    It's still pretty nice here in Western Co. I hung laundry out today after 2:30 and as late as 4:00 and my laundry got dry. I had to change clothes when I went out to hang laundry, was colder in house than outside. Does get down in 40's at night or even 30's. Very unusual for this time of year here.
    I have to watch my husband, he's turning 71 and he gets up on the roof to put the cooler to bed for winter and in the spring to get it ready. He scares me to death as he had a stroke 2 yrs. ago. We have nobody to help him with it.
    Men don't like to admit they're kinda past some of that kind of activity.

  15. Oh they get stubborn those parents of ours! He wants to continue to be independent as much as he can…that is good, well to a point. It makes me nervous when a young person is on a roof!!
    Fall in Florida is lusher than our Fall in AZ, but I just planted our spring flowers!!

  16. Oh my goodness! I'm glad that he ended up being ok. That is quite a sacrifice you're making having to move in with him like that. He is very lucky to have you do that rather than going into a nursing home. Since I live in GA, we are still walking around in shortsleeves around here too. We are getting a mix of cold weather one day and hot the next. Crazy!

  17. We live in Va. And we love the change of seasons. My hubby is talking about going on the roof to check a leak. I'm ready to have a stroke about it! His father lived with us for 2 and 1/2 years and we never regretted it. Lots of hard work and a test of patience. My thoughts are with you!

  18. We live in Va. And we love the change of seasons. My hubby is talking about going on the roof to check a leak. I'm ready to have a stroke about it! His father lived with us for 2 and 1/2 years and we never regretted it. Lots of hard work and a test of patience. My thoughts are with you!

  19. Oh my Sherry, you won't be able to turn your back! I can't believe he went on the roof!! Yikes. Yes our fall in Texas is very similar to the one in Florida. It's still shorts weather here, but this Saturday the highs will be in the 60's. Brrrr. I love Virginia though. How are you doing so far from home? So how is that working? Are you going to move your Dad in with you at some point? Did you say you were selling your house? Sorry I'm a little confused.

  20. Sherry,

    You are so right on about Florida fall,I feel so guilty not doing fall decorating, but we don't really have a fall. Oh, I was going to tell you, the Fancy Flea is in Lakeland Florida November 3…Let me know if you are going, I would love to meet you!!!


  21. Growing up in a country with a tropical climate year round makes me enjoy the changes that come with the seasons, I live in Maryland and Fall time is simply amazing!

    Now, you need to arm yourself with tons of patience to deal with your dad!

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