The Best Tips on Taking Care of Your Garden Rooms

Garden rooms are an escape to leisure and having some quality time. You can practice your hobbies, relax or create an office out of it. However, being an extension to your home, you must ensure timely maintenance to safeguard it.

So, explore some essential caring tips for your garden room, increasing its life significantly.


Sometimes weeds around bespoke garden rooms give a shabby appearance and welcome extra moisture and pests. But, unfortunately, weeding can lead to severe damage to the garden rooms. 

Weeds are small unwanted plants that cause gaps in the garden house patio and welcome insects and pests. So practice manual plucking and spraying chemicals, as it is the solution for controlling weeds in your garden room. 


The fertilisation of the lawn is also crucial. Too little or too much fertilisation is harmful. Too little fertilisation can lead to weeds, soil pests and much more. Too much may help some varieties of the weeds to grow. So, an appropriate amount of fertilisation will help your lawn look beautiful and control unwanted weeds entering the log cabin.


Your lawn needs one inch of wear very weakly. Infrequent and deep watering boosts the growth of healthy grass and plants. It keeps weeds and other wood harming insects and pests away too. 

Upkeeping Your Garden House Organised

Keeping your garden house organised and removing unused things is best. So, give it a good clean to remove all pollen, dust, leaves and debris. Invest in furniture which is wood friendly. Keeping it organised will keep all the odours away and give it a fresh and welcoming look.


Ensure washing at least once a year. This can be manual or with the help of a hose. This will remove all external dirt, insects, cobwebs and pollens. Use a medium speed hose that doesn’t mess up the siding or exteriors of the house.

Lookup for Cracks

Yes, manual checkups are essential. Give a good look at the ceilings, sidings and logs. If you notice any hole or crack, fill it with waterproof epoxy. Also, peel, sand and repaint peeled off paint. In addition, you can fill foam in between the logs, which has undergone contraction. This will minimise air leaks and make the home water and insect proof.

Exterior painting

Care of garden rooms

Exterior painting is critical in garden homes. Paint your garden homes once in three or seven years. Coat UV protectant paints and use paint that expands contracts with wood movement. Timely repainting will make the wooden house weatherproof and give it a long life.

Treat Garden House Gutters

Treat all your gutters and have frequent checkups. Remove all the twigs and blocking materials. Blocked drains can lead to water entering the garden house. Also, look for cracks and holes. These punctual checkups will let your garden room be dry, which is good for its longevity.

Bottom line

So, by taking care of the garden house and its surroundings, you can considerably enhance its life. A well-maintained, organised, and durable garden house is a dream. So, to increase its life and shine even more with these tiny steps. 


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