Newly owned? Here is everything you need to know!


About to move into your first home? Here’s what every new owner should know.

Courtyard side

The lawn and other landscaping may have been abandoned. (If it’s winter, it’s only a postponement … the days of size will return soon enough!) The time has come to equip you:


You will need a lawnmower (or use service landscape maintenance). To make war on the weed, consider buying a dandelion puller. When the leaves begin to fall, you will also need a rake.


You will need at least a shovel and a small trowel to plant and move the seedlings, as well as a three-toothed hoe. If you’re dreaming of a blooming garden in the spring, get a sturdy gardening fork (with wide, flat teeth rather than small, lame teeth), a metal rake, and a short blade pruning chisel.

Trees and shrubs

If you need to prune shrubs and trees, consider hiring someone once a year, or buy a long blade pruner, a small pruning saw, and why not a lopper. Where to find deals? Like any good owner, you will discover the joys of garage sales! You will find tools at low prices. Do not raise your nose on tools that look old; often, it is enough to retype them to give them a second life.


In the House

You can no longer rely on the owner for maintenance and repairs. It’s now up to you to take care of it.

The furnace

How often do you clean or replace the filters? Where to get new filters? If it is an oil furnace, when should you fill up with oil and whom should you call? In case of breakdown, whom to call to have it repaired? Can you get a maintenance contract? Where is the reset button? Etc.


Where is the circuit breaker box (or the fuse box maybe)? Which circuit breaker is connected to which outlets? (Label them!) How to turn a breaker on or off?

The water

Where is the meter, if any? Where is the main valve of the house (useful to know in case of a minor flood)? Can you close the outdoor faucets in the winter? If not, are these faucets isolated? Chimney The chimney must be swept every year or every two to three years, depending on the frequency of use of the fireplace. If you neglect to do this, the chimney draft may be weak (smoke will float in the room instead of being evacuated) or a fire may occur.


Household appliances

You already had some, but did you neglect their interview? Here are some reminders:

Water heater

Does it have a pilot flame? If it goes out, how to turn it back on? How to adjust the temperature?


Clean the lint screen after each drying or both drying. If you fail to do so, lint will accumulate and the unit will take longer to dry your clothes. The accumulation of lint is a fire hazard.

The Washer

If your washer empties directly into a tub, add a filter to the end of the tubing to prevent lint from clogging the tub drain.

The fridge

Periodically clean the vacuum cleaner on the coil at the bottom or back of the unit to keep the cooling efficiency.

Waste disposer

If it stops working, locate the red re-engagement button on the appliance (under the sink). Before turning it on again, check with your fingers if anything is blocking the movement of the blades (spoon, ring, meaty piece of meat) and press the reset button. Then pour cold water into the sink and, keeping your fingers away from the grinder blades, turn the appliance on again.

The perfect owner’s tool belt

For interior maintenance, consider equipping a small toolbox with the following items:

  • A hammer
  • Various nails
  • Wire to suspend frames
  • A wide range of nuts and bolts
  • Phillips flat head screwdrivers
  • Pliers
  • A pipe wrench
  • An electric drill with bits and screwdriver heads
  • A set of ratchets
  • A small wood saw
  • Duct tape
  • A flashlight
  • WD 40MD
  • Clean workshop clothes made of cotton

tool chest

Think about security

Protect yourself from break-ins, which are unfortunately common after a move.

  • Install deadbolt locks on exterior doors.
  • Dress your windows (so that you can not see any valuables or check if you are at home).
  • Finally, if your home has an alarm system, activate it as soon as you leave the premises, and during the night.

It remains to wish you a lot of happiness in your new home.


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