$2250…Really? Framed sea fans for sale

Imagine my surprise when browsing through one of the high end decor websites I came
across these framed sea fans for sale.
The price is $2250.00 for ONE!
Are you kidding?
I have been selling unframed sea fans on Etsy for months now.  The above fan is framed
in an illusion frame, again similar to the ones below I used in our own home.
Illusion frames are glass on both sides so the wall color shows through.  The sea fans also
look wonderful using a mat and a frame of your choice.
A couple of months ago I included light blue dyed sea fans to the other color options.
Look familiar?
The dyed sea fans sell on Etsy for $32.00 each and the illusion frames are $29.00 at Michaels.
Of course, you can use the 40% off coupon at Michaels to save even more money.  These can
easily be framed in less than 10 minutes and I give directions how to do this with each purchase.
Some other colors available…
Thank you to everyone that has purchased my fans and all the sweet comments you
have left me.  I am so happy you are enjoying your purchase.
Please check out my Etsy shop for sea fans, intaglios and vintage decor.

21 thoughts on “$2250…Really? Framed sea fans for sale”

  1. 2250??? holy smokes! I laugh at the Michaels comment because when I sold stamping accessories I would always tell people you can get it cheaper at Michaels with a coupon, not much of a salesman was I!!

  2. I'll tell you who buys them. People who have big bucks and hire a decorator, who then purchases the expensive item. The homeowner/business doesn't even know they paid that much for a wall hanging because it's hidden in an invoice (with an upcharge).

    Of course, this whole scenario is based on watching too many movies, so I could be totally wrong.

  3. Several years ago, I contacted the owner of the company that sells the $2,250 sea fans after I saw an article about her in the late, great Southern Accents magazine. I asked where I could buy her framed sea fans (they weren't $2,250 then). She sent me a response that didn't make any sense. I emailed her back for clarification and got a nasty email back. So not only does she charge exorbitant prices, she isn't very nice, either.

  4. Yea, that's pretty darn amazing! I guess there is SOMEONE out there willing to pay! I found a sea fan when my husband and I were in Mexico last November. I haven't done a thing with it but you've given me ideas! Since I only have one, I will no doubt be visiting you for another one. Can't have just one, you know!!!

  5. You MUST raise your prices immediately!;>) Can you imagine paying that price for that? However, you can bet that someone will…just none of us savvy shoppers! You were ahead of the game this time- xo Diana

  6. Some of these places are just outrageous! I had that feeling when I compared my sculpture to the one at an online store recently. Plus, I really think that a lot of magazines and stores get their ideas from bloggers!

  7. This sounds great. We have a beach house and it would be great to frame fans for the walls. My only question is about the fans themselves. Please tell me they aren't being pulled off coral reefs. Underwater life is so fragile.

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